Oh Crap Was That Today?

As you breeze through your everyday life with it’s everchanging commitments and complications, ever forget something? Something really important but you can’t ever recall it in a timely manner to remember why it was so important and maybe, just maybe take action to show up on time? or send the appropriate card/sentiment? or make the eagerly anticipated phone call?

That is the story of my life….a day late and a dollar short….all the time.

My family even jokes about my forgetfulness. It’s a well known fact in my circle of friends and family that I get absorbed in something else then forget to remember the things important to them and they lovingly continue to accept me and my lousy memory. God bless them!

About ten years ago I shared this cartoon with a dear friend and customer of my tearoom, Belle. She laughed long and hard then asked for a copy to share with her hubby because he was forever forgetting something. A few days later Belle, an accomplished quilter showed up in the tearoom with a little wall hanging quilt from this, my favorite cartoon. I see it everyday as I leave my bedroom, it hangs on the wall in the upstairs hallway reminding me that I should be more mindful of my schedule and reminding me of Belle, my dear friend who accepts my shortcomings with love and laughter.

It totally and completely describes my life and try as I may, I do not anticipate my on time record getting any better any time soon. I shutter to think about what can happen to my memory as I age.


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