My Spring Gardening

Today was the first day this spring that I’ve been able to get into my garden. I don’t have a big garden. I love my small raised garden with just about 4 by 8 feet of space and three large very large pots. Now, with that small of a space you would think that I’d be able to handle getting ready to plant this spring. Oh no! Not here in the Midwest. The rains have just completely taken me apart and made it almost impossible to get into the garden. Last week I actually decided I was building an ark. It’s been raining off and on so much that every time we get a half day of sun and start thinking positively that maybe we can get outside, here comes the rain again.

My backyard is pretty much like like walking on a sponge but yesterday it was sunny in the afternoon and this morning is the first day this week that we did not wake up to rain. So like a trooper, out I went to the Garden to see if it would even be possible to turn the dirt over and see what made it through the winter.

There really wasn’t much left; a small sprig of lavender, a little bit of variegated thyme. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t totally bad either. It’s just between my traveling so much this spring and the rain once I got home — the rain has been impossible! I’ve not had a chance to get into my garden. I know there are gardeners out there that are real diehards. These gardeners will work in any weather but not me. I readily admit, I’m a fair-weather gardener.

It felt so good to get my hands into the soil again and get something accomplished in my garden. By this time of year, I normally have lettuces and peas, maybe some spinach growing but this year the rains just really did me in. Today I got the entire bed turned over, all the leaves that fell there over the winner got turned into the soil and will make good compost. Usually by the first sign of thaw I have turned the bed over and the leaves are already composted but I’m a little late.

So I guess for now I’ll buy my lettuce, spinach and peas at the Farmers Market. Maybe later this afternoon I’ll just go to the greenhouse to see what I can plant.


  1. So-called spring has been mostly rain here too but in one way I’m lucky as my ‘garden’ is enormous but I don’t have to do a thing in it – it’s the local park. Unlucky because I cannot grow my own veg etc. So have some herb seedlings on the kitchen windowsill and will try to produce some tomatoes in pots on the ‘spare bedroom’ windowsill.

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    • I like that your garden is huge and effortless at the same time. Local parks are in a way our spaces since its our tax dollars at work for everyone. As I’ve aged, my gardening efforts have gotten less strenuous and more enjoyable. I too put in some herbs next to our back door and a few tomatoes on the kitchen deck. It’s so nice to have things close by when doing some impromptu cooking.


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