Wow! Spring!

The past couple months have been a cyclonic whirlwind for me torn from pillar to post, always on the move, always changing places, never staying in one place too long. Do you ever find your world spinning and just want to get off this merry-go-round?

Thank the heavens above that May is finally here and my schedule is now almost empty. That being said, I still have much to do but gratefully no confining schedule to abide by.

For me, it all started in March with the Round Top Antiques Market for three weeks at the end of March and beginning of April. Leading up to the market my world was a frenzy of activity at home just getting ready: unpacking, pricing and repacking trying to make certain I had enough to make it through the 2 week market. It’s too far from the market in Texas to go home to Chicago and get more if you sell it all.

The week I got home, I had 3 days to unpack and repack again getting ready to go out to Baltimore to visit my daughter’s family. I miss my kiddos so much and video chatting only quenches my thirst for family to a small extent plus Southwest Airlines had such a good deal on their Gotta-Get-Away promotion on airfare, I couldn’t afford to not go.

So out to Baltimore for a week with my boys; visit the National Zoo, visit the Baltimore Science Center, an impromptu trip to the conservatory at Druid Hill Park, stop offs at several local parks, check-in with the local library for story time, and of course at least one trip to the ever popular donut factory store near their home. But before I knew what was happening, sadly it was time to go back home to fulfill a previously made promise to help another family member.

So feeling like the children’s nursery rhyme, To Market to Market; “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig”. This trip home was not to stay…. no – not even for 24 hours. It was just long enough to unpack and repack for another trip. So after a couple quick loads of laundry (gotta get clean undies) it was off to Kalamazoo, Michigan to spend some time with a cousin while her caregiver went into a clinic for some major medical tests. We had a great ten days together but my spring sprint was not over yet.

The day I left for Michigan, my sister dropped off her 6 month old puppy for me to take with to Michigan. No, not because I needed a puppy, not because Freckles – the puppy couldn’t live without me, but because my sister and her husband were leaving for Ireland while I was planning to be in Kalamazoo and I previously agreed to watch her new puppy. So Freckles got to see a new part of the Midwest and I got a great little travel buddy that really brought some smiles to a couple old ladies during our ten day stay together.

When my new travel partner, Freckles the long-hair dachshund puppy, and I returned home to the Chicago area, it was not to my home but to my sister’s home where we were greeted by two more pups just dying to see us. You see, my sister agreed to watch her son’s two dogs for a couple months and I also agreed thinking the scheduling would work out and I could watch them while my sister was in Ireland. My sister’s home has a completely fenced yard so the doggies can run to their heart’s content without supervision and without having to be on a leash. If I tried to keep them all at my house without a fenced yard, I would have to walk three very rambunctious pups on leads several times a day. I saw that as a potential problem…mostly me getting tangled and ending up in a heap on the sidewalk. So off to my sister’s home to live for the next two weeks. When we got to my sister’s home, there was great rejoicing amongst the pupplets at being back together again. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a positive welcome home? Doggies are always the best welcome committee. They’re just as happy to see you after ten days as ten minutes.

The older two dogs spent the few days while I was in Michigan with my niece, God bless her, who took care of the two older dogs so I only had to travel with one dog. Lucky for me everything worked out and everyone is back home where they belong.

So now, I’m back in my own home, grateful to be able to sleep in my own bed, sit at my own kitchen table drinking tea, look out at my own yard, and wonder what I should do first. I guess I’ll do laundry.


    • Phew!!! indeed! Last week I was threatening to begin building an ark. The rain this spring is getting way too monotonous and way too frequent. In all my travels in the past 2 months, the rain followed me. Rain! Rain! Rain! Too much rain! I feel like it’s a personal attack of the terrorizing rain storms. I’ve taken to going to big box stores to get my walking done each day. I am really a fair weather walker. The rain depresses me to a point I do not want to go out but if I can walk indoors, it’s better than nothing. Hoping you have a better end of spring… too!


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