New Twist on Hotel Towels

On our way home from the Round Top Texas Antiques market we had a little trouble with our van. Ended up getting towed into Waco late on Sunday night which meant we needed a hotel. Found one with rooms available only a block from the dealership where our van was dropped. Perfect!

The Super 8 in Waco was clean, convenient, quite helpful, and very affordable. Our room was clean and tidy but more than that, oh so inviting after sitting on the side of the road in a ratherremote area for hours waiting. While looking around we found this sign on the restroom counter letting you know unequivocally that the towels, the hair dryer, the ironing board and iron, and anything else you might think about pilfering from the hotel was for sale. Plain and simple, you want it …you pay for it. I just thought this was an interesting take on people stealing hotel towels Etc. Seriously people! Who takes a set of sheets or an ironing board from a hotel?

Just wondering?


  1. Great idea. As for your question, I’m assured that some people will ‘nick’ just about anything. The wonderful soft bath robes in some hotels are certainly a temptation. Teach me some American: what is a ‘comforter’? A bath robe? 😂

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  2. That is interesting. I had not heard of that idea before, and I would never want the sheets from a hotel. Too many people have slept in them. How would you think you could walk out with an ironing board, too? People must have stolen them, though, since they are on the list.

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