Good Bye Texas

As we pull out of the Round Top Texas area and start heading north, I am struck by the feelings that wash over me: tired, elated, satisfied, proud, and just plain happy. This market is so much work, so long in comparison to other markets and yet so completely gratifying. The shear size of the Round Top Antiques Market is breathtaking. It covers miles along Texas Route 237 as well as other surrounding towns with their own smaller markets. It seems everyone in the area takes advantage of the tens of thousands of people that converge on these small towns for the couple weeks leading up to and throughout the market. And I think, Good for them! Whenever an event of this magnitude takes over a small town, I am always happy when everyone that wants to, can and does benefit from the crowds.

This small Texas town’s population can swell to over half a million people on any given day of Round Top Antiques Market.

This spring we’ve experienced the full gamut of Texas weather: high winds, bitter cold, torrential rain, fog, humidity and excessive heat and imagine, all this within a week and a half. But, we also get to see spring begin in Texas with the beginning of the Bluebonnets blooming and it is glorious. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

On the way north, back to the Chicago area, I expect to see the roadways lined with those famous Texas wildflowers: Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, and many other wildflowers. Last spring the highways on the way home were lined with such a beautifully colorful display of wildflowers. It takes your breath away!

So until next fall, I will keep the memory of another successful Round Top Antiques Market tucked away with my lovely memories of Bluebonnets and wild flowers.

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