T-Shirts of Texas – spring 2019

Each spring and fall for the past several years at the Round Top Antiques Market, I have collect photos of T-shirts and shared them with my readers. The variety of T-shirts, the quirky sayings and the camaraderie of the groups wearing like shirts makes me smile. It almost makes me want to find a group of antiquing friends to bring with to Round Top just so we can all dress alike for a day and cause a stir. Finding these unusual T-shirts gives me something to talk about with my customers that will break the ice and pique my interest in why they chose the shirts they wear.

This spring is no different and I have an entirely new crop of cheeky T-shirts to share. Some are one of a kind, others were worn by a group. I always enjoy seeing the groups with similar shirts. They make me smile.

Friends don’t let friends go junkin’ alone
“I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a perfect freaking wife but here I am, Killin’ It” — story of my life.
These three are the “Bestie Squad” out to find treasures.
“Friends Fighting Over Fabulous Finds” perfectly describes this group of gals.
Some days are just a little rougher than others — “Welcome to the Shit Show” but, look at that happy shopper!
These friends all had a different but similar shirt. “Crazy, Country, Happy, Hippie, Smart and Drunk Asses” Funny!
“Find your Tribe, Love them Hard” Good advice.
“For the love of Junk Rescue – Repurpose- Reuse” Story of every antiquers business.

And my favorite T-Shirt? “Texaholic” (n.) Tex-a-holic: a person addicted to all things Texas such as : bluebonnets, sweet tea, Blue Bell ice cream, boots, two steppin’, red dirt music, bar-b-que, hill country sunsets, honky tonks, pearl snap shirts, pick-up trucks and Tex-Mex. They take back roads, float the river, go to the rodeo, Remember the Alamo, listen to Waylon, Willie, Merle and of course King George. They know Texas history and slogans like “Come and Take it”, watch football under the Friday night lights, and proudly fly the Lone Star Flag. They understand Texas is a state of mind, its in your soul, an obsession. We are one state under God. Don’t mess with Texas!”


The T-shirts of Round Top are always fun to collect and entertaining to everyone reading them as well as the people wearing them.

If you would like to see the T-shirts from previous years click on the date: Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018.


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