I am a reader. There I’ve said it. I read! I LOVE to read! I escape the world in the pages of my books. As a child I was painfully shy, I know hard to believe but I was. So in an effort to fill my day, I read voraciously. When I first found out about our local library, OMG – the heavens opened, angels sang and all was right with the world. I found a limitless supply of books that could take me anywhere; introduce me to people living, imagiary or no longer with us through all time periods as well as feed my need for entertainment that didn’t involve my extending myself to include other “real” people in my life. I was a solitary private child, never rocking the boat, not gregarious, not willing to experience new things in real life but oh so willing to experience the world quietly through books.

This week at the Round Top Antiques Market, I found many uses for books that do not include reading them. Many decorators choose books by their color to accent a room or display.

Books in all red give a visual punch to a vignette.

Or pile them on a table, shelf or floor to fill a space and make a room feel more lived in.

Pile books haphazardly to give more texture to a room.

Some laser artisans cut shapes into the fronts of books to make an impact to be used on a shelf or table.

Other artisans use books as their medium to make decorative statements by carving them into letters, numbers and symbols.

How do you use books?


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