Looking for Furniture?

If you come to Round Top for antique and vintage furniture, you best bring a large vehicle or at the very least a trailer to haul it home. In the most unsuspecting places you may find fine antiques right next to a pile of rusted barn chic items.

Yesterday I found this beautiful settle in a booth next to dental cabinets and industrial chic tables. It looks like it was meant to make a statement in an entry hall of a large estate. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The Green Man carving and winged griffins give this settle so much personality.

Even if a larger than life, carved entry seat won’t fit your home, you can still find everything to outfit a home…

Tables and chairs
An entire dining suite with many matching pieces.
Painted and re-purposed furniture.
A 1930’s tufted velvet sofa with carved arms, back and feet and mirrors for your walls.

Whatever your tastes, whatever your style there are large furniture pieces to accent your home. Just be sure to bring your measurements, furniture pads, and a large enough truck to take these beauties home.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I quite like the Hepplewhite style shield back chairs though they are of course later reproductions. The chest behind looks genuine Georgian from the handles but you’d have to open a drawer to know. This is my preferred period. When I had a large old house (mid 1600s updated to mid 1700s) I had GeoGian furniture.
    The big settle is too ‘over the top’ for me though the carving in impressive.
    I recently recommended your blog to a fellow writers’ club member who also does some antiques dealing with her husband. She tells me she (Jo) also likes ‘vintage’ and is now following you. Her blog seems to be confined to her ‘Gothic’ stories, nothing about antiques.

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