This morning while walking around the Round Top Antiques Market I noticed an over abundance of chandeliers.  Not just the classic, dripping with crystals chandeliers but other types of hanging light fixtures made from unusual items that could qualify as a chandelier.

Chandeliers have been around in some form as early as medieval times though only for the very wealthy as they were a sign of status and a luxury not everyone could afford.  Of course these medieval chandeliers were candle light fixtures which added to the cost of using so many candles to light a room.  As time progressed, chandeliers became more and more elaborate and more and more decorative.  Once metal and glass forms could be massed produced, chandeliers became more common in the homes of the merchant class and as the economies of countries improved, chandeliers became much more available to the masses.

Lately chandeliers are found just about anywhere in shabby chic decorating, some of the barn chic aesthetic and just about any home.  Looking around Round Top there are chandeliers in every shape, style, color and price range.

Come to Round Top Antiques Market and you will be amazed by the variety of things people turn into chandeliers or maybe get inspired to make your own chandelier from part found a several different dealers.


  1. That first photo of the over-the-top one with all the spangles brought back flashbacks of having to dust one just like that. My mom’s pride and joy, and yes, a sign of success for her, a Depression-era woman. Hated that thing. I remember laughing when we had an earthquake and spangles fell off and broke. Such a cruel child. Poor mom hunted forever after that to find replacement spangles. Eventually she did…and I was back to dusting.

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