You are my mug.

Sunday morning in Round Top Texas is quiet, a little chilly and rather peaceful. Shoppers are out but most of them are somewhat subdued, walking around with their coffee, sauntering through the booths, looking for something to interest them in a way that compels them to take that something home with them. Seeing all these hot cups, made me remember an object lesson we used with Girl Scouts when they came into our tearoom years ago.

For the visual portion of this object lesson you need a disposable hot cup, a mug, and a fancy tea cup. All three hold hot beverages, all three are utilitarian but all three are a bit different also. With a little explanation these three vessels can describe the types of people that come into our lives.

The disposable hot cup is important because it holds hot beverages when we need them NOW! It does an admirable job and we dispose of it, never to be seen again.

The mug is usually our go-to hot cup when at home, holding our favorite hot beverage when its cold outside and we need a little extra warmth. We wrap our hand around it and warm our hands as well as our insides when drinking from a mug. Some people have a favorite mug with cheeky saying or a favorite character on it. We don’t mind if there are little scratches to the mug or a ding or two…it’s our favorite and we use it till it cannot give any more. Then we sometimes hang onto that favorite mug and turn it into a pencil cup or a vase just to keep it near because it’s our favorite and we would never think of getting rid of a favorite.

The fancy teacup is more delicate, needs a little more attention when using, brightens our day with it’s beautiful design but it takes special handling and as always, demands our best behavior.

If you think about these three vessels, they are much like the people in our lives. The disposable cups are a little like the people you meet everyday. Some just cross our path for an instant then we never see them again. The person in line behind us at the grocery store that gives us two pennies to make enough change for our order, the person in front of us at Starbucks that pays for our coffee just to be nice, the kid at the gas station that gives us directions, or the guy sitting next to us at a football game that shares his knowledge of the team. These people are all helpful, interesting and even quite charming but we usually never see them again.

Others cross our path becoming bosom buddies or are family and just love us because they do. These people are like the mugs in our life. We love them for who they are, we bask in the warmth of their love and know that no matter what, they will always love us. We can relax and be our crazy, quirky selves around them and still they will love us and maybe even contribute to our craziness enjoying the moment with us and enriching our lives.

The fancy teacup people in our lives are similar to the times we go to great Aunt Grace’s house for tea. Best manners are expected. Children need to be on their very best behavior: seen and not heard, no running in the house, etc. Even though they love us dearly, these people have a certain level of expectation from us and demand an appropriate level of civility. And although we love them to pieces, we wouldn’t want to be expected to behave so formally all the time.

For over 12 years, I owned a tearoom and saw all types of people but my favorites were always the mugs in my life. Being his quirky self, my hubby often says: “You are my mug.” Meaning, you’re the one I want to spend time with, I accept you for all your dings and scratches, and still want you around all the time.

I hope you have a mug in your life that sticks around for the long haul.


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