Booth Display

Ever go into a shop and just get blown away by the ingenuity of their displays? Well that happens to me every time I go into the booth of Fragments Perfectly Flawed, Tweakages and Oddities here in the Campbell Building in Warrenton Texas. Amazed, stunned and completely baffled at the owner, Diane’s ability to see the world through such gifted artist’s eyes, I understand why her customers flock to her booth each Round Top Antiques Market just to stand in awe of her artistry.

To say her displays are unique is truly an understatement. I am fascinated by the method she uses to display smaller items like her hanging antique bed springs interspersed with Christmas lights to draw the eye upward. Then hung with small beaded ornamental chandeliers and moss filled wire garden urns.

Diane is not afraid to remove the doors or drawers from a cabinet to provide better display space. In her world, they can be replaced when the piece sells and goes to it’s forever home. This vignette has a monochromatic theme of love and white with a jumble tower starting with a rustic wood plinth, silver tray, white footed bowl filled with other bowls, lace, white flowers, a small cast iron garden urn and huge wooden beads in white. Even though these items are not truly related in most people’s worlds, they all work so cohesively to give a serene peaceful feel to this corner of Diane’s shop.

LOVE spelled out in vintage jewelry pieces on a glove garland brighten up the interior of this cabinet.

Her meticulous attention to detail is more than evident in all her vignettes, each one even more awesome than the last. The bunny with sunglasses makes me laugh but as part of the whole look, it makes the total package work. Backing the table and tying this vignette together is a pale pink door picked up in the color of the book pages, a small pink metal box and roses displayed on top of the small stool as well as on the deer antlers embellished with needlepoint, flowers and moss. Looking at the whole display, who wouldn’t want that in their home? And I know Diane would be more than happy to pack the entire vignette for you to put back together in your home.

Diane’s ability to put together unrelated items to use for display always intrigues me. She has several lamp bases fixed with a horizontal rod used to beautifully display necklaces and bracelets. One has a rod covered in a beautiful silk ribbon the other rod is paper covered. Both rods are drilled then held in place atop the base by the finial from the original lamp. A little farther down the table fancy paper cones made from scrapbook paper and wallpaper pieces set atop mirrored trays to hold bracelets, reflecting their beauty and show the bracelets horizontally, the way they’d look on your arm.

A large industrial wire tray with three divisions, mounted on the wall becomes a shelf unit filled with oddities. A small wood drawer holds small items so they do not fall through the large grating. Other items set on the shelf do not need a flat surface but collected together they make an intriguingly industrial display.

Large industrial wire basket mounted on a door as a shelf unit.

The next time you walk into an antique shop, take some time to appreciate the ingenuity and artistry of the dealers and the unique ways they display their items.

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