Welcome to Texas

Let the Fun Begin! Today is our opening day at the Campbell Building in Warrenton Texas. We are part of the greater Round Top Texas Antiques Market which includes too many vendors to count and even more shoppers. The area around Round Top located along Texas Highway 237 is jam packed with traffic trying to see as much as possible in the time these trusty traders have set aside for hunting antiques. So many people looking for so many different types of antiques and collectibles to round out their collections, accent their homes or resell to other buyers. This market is one of the largest and oldest in the US.

I’ve written about the Campbell building in the past when I came to accompany my sister who sells costume and estate jewelry. This is the fifth show for my sister, Robin and my first as a dealer. I found out in January that a space was available and I jumped at the chance to be part of this amazing collective of fantastic vendors and shoppers. And so the push began, becoming all consuming in the past two and a half months to get things out of storage, cleaned, priced and packed into totes and boxes to then pack into the trailer for transit to Texas. For the past couple months I ate, slept and breathed antiques. Unpacking, cleaning, pricing, repacking. Unpacking, cleaning, pricing, repacking. The job seemed endless. I just knew I would be crossed-eyed from all the tagging before the job was done.

What to take? What to take? Would I have enough time to finish before March? Would I have enough stuff to bring to Texas? Would I have enough sales to make it worth my while? The questions kept me up at night and kept me moving throughout the day. Unpacking, cleaning, pricing, repacking. Unpacking, cleaning, pricing, repacking. Keep going, don’t stop! Keep going, find more stuff. Keep going, price more stuff. Keep going, pack more stuff. When is enough, enough? When you cannot fit another thing into the trailer.

This was our trailer before unpacking in Texas.

And now it’s here! The market has opened and I am as ready as I can get. We arrived in Round Top a week ago and hit the ground running. Unloading, unpacking, setting up and obsessing. It seems that obsessing is what I do best. Could you tell?

My booth is on the outside of the building under a porch overhang. It started as a big empty box with nothing in it except the wood floor. We took a day and a half to set the stage then the totes of merchandise came in and that’s when the fun really began. Staging a booth is always so much fun for me. I get to design vignettes in colorways, themed vignettes and displays of like items. Hopefully they all sell well and I get to reorganize the vignettes and make the booth look fresh again.

I’m ready….or at least I feel ready. Today is beautiful! The Texas sky is bright, a gentle breeze keeps us cool and the shoppers are out in droves. Hopefully this market will be a record setting market for attendees as well as sales. I will let you know.

Wish me well.


  1. the hubs and I went one time to the market at round top..many years ago. It definitely needs an entire week to see everything that is for sale there. Good luck and hope your sales are very successful!

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    • This is most definitely the largest market I’ve ever been part of and also one of the most rewarding. Keep watching for more updates and hopefully you can vicariously visit Round Top again.


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