Travel Cases, part 2

When I started writing about the travel cases I’ve come across in the past three months I intended to write only one post but these cases are so wonderful, I felt they each deserved their own post with lots of photos.

This second vanity case came up at auction a couple weeks ago and my sister jumped at the chance to add this lovely item to our offerings for the spring market in Round Top Texas. This set is more of a small vanity suitcase with a hard leather case and handle, filled with color coordinated bottles, jars, mirror, comb and brush. The color of the outer leather is dark green, almost black with a rough texture. The handle of the case is a little worn but that just tells me this vanity case was used often but lovingly because the quality on the inside is excellent; there are no rips, tears, stains or disconnected lining.

When open it looks very much like the the brown and yellow set described previously. This set includes a hand mirror, comb, brush, 2 cream jars and 2 perfume or lotion bottles each decorated with the same art deco motif and held in place by the color coordinated snapped straps.

If you look at the left side when open, there is a strap for holding something that is now missing from this set I think possibly a nail buffer, a clothing brush, or possibly a long glass tube for your toothbrush.

The entire set is decorated with an art deco design with a floral medallion on silver stripes set against a green ombre background. All the metal accents are of polished aluminum and all the accompanying bottles and jars are ribbed glass. Each of these pieces is clean and has been well treated. The mirror is like new, often the silvering is pulling away from the glass in these old mirrors leaving a hazy quality or a complete loss of silvering.

This vanity case would have made any woman feel lucky to have such a beautifully appointed case. I will be selling this one along with the others at the Round Top Antiques Market this March.


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