Running a Half Marathon

Anyone that knows me knows I am not a runner. I walk but never a marathon or half marathon or quarter marathon for that matter. But, I have a friend that owns a running shoe shop Running Excels in Chicago and they re-posted an article about a dog that ran a half marathon a while ago. It made me laugh and got me thinking about life.

Even though this race was in 2017, it still bears sharing because it made me laugh and I think we all need a good chuckle, every day. The dog was let out to do her business and just decided to climb under the fence to join the marathon runners. For most of the race she kept pace with the leaders but, she went off course many times, chasing rabbits and playing with cows always making it back to the front with ease. In the end this hound dog still kept up and ended up in 7th place. Since her historic run the race has been renamed the Elkmont Hound Dog Half to honor this spontaneous hound dog.

Maybe we should all take a note from this pooch and remember that the marathon we call life really should be run not necessarily straight for the finish but happily, spontaneously and with a few detours to keep it interesting. Why charge ahead in a straight path when who knows what’s waiting if we take time to look at other options? Its always good to recharge our batteries with a detour, a rest, a little nosh, visit with friends. Whatever your pleasure, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Now go be spontaneous.

To read the account follow this link.


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