Looking for Miracles

Louise Gallagher, a blogger I follow wrote “I Choose Miracles” which got me thinking about all the little miracles that happen in our lives without our even knowing. Do you look for miracles? Have you seen any miracles? They do not have to be on a grand scale like some grandiose magician’s trick making the Eiffel Tower disappear. Miracles happen all the time. We just need to be open to the idea that we could be the recipient of a miracle.

One thing I always believe it that everything happens for a reason. You know the feeling? You meet someone that changes your perspective, inspires you to do more, or brings some happiness to your life? That’s a little miracle that you were both in the same place at the same time. Ever see an egg hatch? That’s a miracle. Something happens and you just barely avoid some disaster? That’s a miracle too. Recently on a car trip to my daughters home for Christmas I was the recipient of a miracle and I found myself praying in gratitude.

In Ohio, a semi-truck tanker overturned on the highway just minutes after I had exited the highway to get fuel. When I got back on the road, traffic was barely crawling, narrowing down to one lane on the shoulder of the road to safely get around the overturned tanker. Would I have been in the path of that tanker? I will never know but, I know I was grateful for the urge to get off the road even though I still had a quarter tank of fuel and could have driven another 100 miles. As I inched passed the overturned semi I offered up a prayer hoping the driver made it through the accident and a prayer of thanks that I was not involved in the crash.

I think it’s important to listen to the little voice in our heads telling us to do things like; “get off the road, stop for fuel.” Call it a premonition, your conscience, a little voice in our head, that still small voice; I’ve heard it called all of these but I like to believe it is the voice of miracles. A way to warn us. A 6th sense, if you will, that gives us a push to do things which cause us to avoid calamity or open ourselves to an opportunity.

Do you choose to look for the positive? Do you look for miracles?
I try to make it a habit to always choose to be happy. It is so much easier to look for and accept the blessings of life and move forward in life than to be the person always looking for the negative. Some people have a difficult time finding the positive, they then harbor those negative feelings and usually the negativity snowballs into a larger problem. By not looking for the miracles of life some only see the negative, the difficulties, the problems. We miss so much by not looking for the blessings and miracles.

Some people fight so hard against the blessings of life and what is happening around us that they fail to see the miracles whether big or small.
Little miracles happen all the time, we just need to look for them. We need to change our outlook, change the way we look at life and make a conscious effort to find the positive. It’s a choice. It’s your choice

I’ve written about it before but it bears repeating: my Grandpa taught me that we make a choice everyday when we wake. We can choose to be upset with life or we can choose to be happy. Grandpa always said, “It’s so much easier to be happy.” It takes a lot of energy to harbor anger, to be negative.

So thank you Louise for reminding us to look for the miracles in our lives. When was the last time you experienced a miracle?


  1. Miracles happen every day……………. the sun rises and sets, the sight of stars in the night sky, a new moon. On a personal level, again every day as Hubby tells me he loves me even when I’ve been been at my worst.

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  2. Thank you for reminding us about the miracles that happen every day. I completely agree that those little angelic voices always speak to us. It is upto us to listen to them . It is also important to be in a right frame of mind to even hear those voices.

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  3. Your grandad was so right; if you can begin the day like that then you see all the little miracles around you. If you do not, you are blind to them. Blogging itself brings so many little miracles through the people you ‘meet’ and, you are so right, everything happens for a reason or, as I’ve said many times, “there is no such thing as coincidence”, echoing what the priest said at our wedding.

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