Rushing Spring

I know we just finished Christmas and New Years and spring seems just a myth in our cold wintry days but, today I saw signs of spring while taking the trash cans to the street for pick-up.

For years my daughter and I always make a big deal about spotting the first snow drops in our garden because that meant spring is coming and will bring with it even more flowers. So, I usually start looking for their tiny green pips sometime in late February.

In the Chicago area today it’s 21 degrees Fahrenheit with a threat of snow flurries. While walking the trash cans from the backyard, around the side of the house and out to the street for pick-up I thought I saw green in my shade garden under the massive oak on the west side of the house. Upon further investigation, it was not the tops of snow drops but the tips of my daffodils peaking out of the dirt nestled in among dried oak leaves. I almost missed them but yes, there they were tiny pips of green in an otherwise mostly brown landscape.

Daffodil pips in January

I know it’s a long way off but seeing green peaking out beneath dry paper-bag brown leaves in the winter garden in the bitter chill of a Midwestern winter day gives me hope that spring is not as far off as I think.


  1. We don’t regard snowdrops as harbingers of spring, they usually appear in the deep of winter. But there hasn’t been any ‘winter’ here so far. The seasons are crazy now. But daffodils shout spring, though it’s entrance is heralded by crocuses. Snowdrops are in full bloom but there’s no snow; no sign of crocusses or daffodils!

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  2. We always get snow drops first, then a few weeks later crocuses, then a few weeks later daffodils. But, seeing anything green in our garden this time of year is very unusual. Mother Nature sure has some fuzzy thinking these days don’t you think?

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