Packing Christmas Away

Our Christmas decorations have been on display since before Thanksgiving and we really enjoy the beautiful twinkling lights, shiny baubles and satiny ribbons. The house seems so much more welcoming and comfortable with garland above the windows, mistletoe hanging from all the doorways, and wreaths at the outside doors to greet guests. Sadly, it cannot last. Well, it can but your neighbors will start to look at you a little differently with a raised eyebrow and a smirky smile if you keep it all up and lit for too long.

A couple years ago, my Hubby decided he really liked looking at the Christmas tree lit up at night. Really liked it a lot! He found it very peaceful and relaxing and didn’t want to take it down too early. Now in our family, the tree always came down on Epiphany. That day, Epiphany signaled the end of our Christmas holidays and it was time to pack it all away and get back to normal, whatever normal was for us which generally included no more Christmas decorations but, not in our house anymore. Now we take down the outside decorations as soon as we can after Christmas or whenever we get a warm weekend but lately, our tree stays lit till almost February. It really does seem such a loss when that beacon of light is removed from our family-room during the darkest days of winter. So the Christmas tree will remain for a while.

This past Saturday was a beautiful almost fall-like day in the Midwest with temperatures reaching into the high 40’s. So we decided to work together and take down any outdoor Christmas decorations. The weather was so temperate, we even raked a few more leaves(an never ending project with our many 150 year old oak trees). This year it was quite easy; take the wreath off the front porch railing and pack away a few strands of lights from the back yard.

After we finished outside, I mentioned dismantling the indoor tree and packing away all the extras; the Hubby resisted. He still wants the tree up and lit in his words, “until almost February.” And so, we will enjoy our Christmas tree a little longer….at least till February.

When do you pack away your Christmas decorations? Did you get everything down the day after Christmas? Put it all away before New Years Eve? Do you wait till Epiphany to begin the process? or Are you like my Hubby and enjoy the lights or want it to last longer?


    • I’m looking forward to getting back to normal but the Hubby wants it up a little longer so it stays. Which means cleaning around the tree but I think the rest of the decorations will be gone this week…..might leave the mistletoe in the doorway….hmmmmm?


  1. We took almost everything down in the house a few days ago. Santa’s picture is still hung over the electric fireplace, and the Christmas card display is on the mantle. They will stay for a bit longer until the Valentine’s decorations come out. Our home is small and we put up more Christmas decorations than usual, so it was a little overwhelming.

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  2. I’ve packed all my Christmas decoration away on New Year’s Eve (actually before all the cleaning – about 1pm – is it still New Year’s Eve!?) 🙂 But Still, have a christmas tree in the studio…

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  3. When I owned my tearoom, the day I took down the Christmas in the shop was almost always the day I got my first Christmas catalog for new Christmas products for the coming year. Crazy huh?


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