Looking Forward to 2019

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? For many years I have but then rather quickly forget about them or just put them on the back burner. You’d think after 63 years, I’d figure it out that a New Year’s resolution is much like that “piecrust promise” Mary Poppins talked about. “Easily made and easily broken.” I promise to be different, then just fall into the same old routines but, not last year. For 2018, I did not make any resolutions, I did not make myself any promises, I just thought long and hard about what I really wanted, what would feed my soul, and what was actually attainable given my proclivity to procrastinate. And to be honest, it worked. I was able to keep that choice. I found this year, 2018 to be one of my most pleasant in recent memory.

So this coming year, much like last year, I will choose to be happy with my life. Not just happy in spite of my life circumstances but, happy with my life and truly accepting of whatever the universe throws my way. No big life changes. No promises to lose weight (which I could use), change my hair color(which would hide the gray) or move to a warmer climate (which many my age seem to be doing). No orchestrated time tables to self improvement. Just an appreciation for what I have now and what will come this new year.

What is your New Year’s resolution?


  1. I don’t excactly have a resolution, but do have something like an intention. It’s very similar to what you’ve described here, but hard for me to phrase. Perhaps it’s just that I intend to live in better alignment with the serenity prayer, which greatly improves my quality of life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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