The Last Candle in the Advent Wreath

Merry Christmas! Today we light the last candle in our advent wreath….the white, center candle; the Christ candle’ for without the birth of Christ we would not have Christmas as we know it. The very name Christmas, derived from “Christ’s Mass” in the early 1100’s has it’s roots in Christianity. Scholars debate to this day whether Christ was born in the winter near the shortest day of the year or if December 25th was an arbitrary date chosen to coincide with other pagan holidays, or a date to honor a Roman emperor, and the opinions are vast and varied. Regardless of how December 25th became known as the birthday of Christ, we continue to celebrate it on this day as our forefathers have for millennium.

I only know that without Christ’s birth, we would not have a Christmas as we know it in modern times. Today, throughout the world Christmas is celebrated no longer just by Christians but by others without any regard to a religious celebration.

However you decide to celebrate Christmas, I pray you take a little time to light a candle for those you love and those no longer with us, include a prayer for hope, a prayer for health and a prayer for peace in our world.

Merry Christmas! May you be blessed.


    • I need to get writing to you but have to make time. Now the holidays are almost over I have time for myself and no big travel plans for a while. Hope you have a restful Christmas celebration. I know you could use a little “me time” too.

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      • Everyone needs a little “me time” to recharge their batteries so to speak. Wirh three little ones I know you have to be running almost continuously. Take care of yourself this new year …try to pamper yourself a little. You need it. We all do

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      • Thank you! I’ll try! But today I have two photo shoots and tomorrow also two… Then I will have “work free” time but I should clean the mess… after that I hope to go out for walk… hav bath… etc… Don’t know how to put girls “on hold” … but I need to figure out 🙂

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      • The time you spend with your girls is too precious. They are little for such a short time. Before you know it they will be old enough to be independent and find interests of their own. Enjoy your time now it goes too quickly.

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