What if it were Christmas Every Day?

The entire month of advent I have written about the sights, sounds, activities, wishes, memories, etc. but, what is advent really all about? Why do we push so hard to make everything so special? Why can’t we have Christmas every day?

Yesterday we watched a Disney classic; Once Upon a Christmas, a compilation of three short cartoons. In the first short story Donald Duck’s Christmas Every Day; Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie wish that it could be Christmas every day. A little like the movie Ground Hog’s Day, you know it logically can’t happen yet, for children and some adults, it seems like a good idea. More presents, more special foods, more treats, more family what could possibly be wrong with that?

In the cartoon, the boys quickly get tired of getting the same present every day, eating the same meal every day, and seeing the same relatives every day. They realize quickly that it is no longer special, that it was a poor choice to wish for Christmas everyday and that they need to do something drastic to end the madness in which they find themselves trapped.

Asking my grandsons if Christmas Every Day would be a good idea they both emphatically said, “NO!” Even at their tender age my boys know that Christmas should be special not like every other day. That when we do things only once a year it gives them something for which to plan, something to anticipate, something special and unique to love and cherish about Christmas.

On this Christmas Eve, this day to get ready for the most wonderful day of the year, we will spend it together making certain to create some memories and happiness. Maybe make a few more cookies (because you can never have enough), maybe go for a walk tonight and look at the decorations lighting the neighborhoods, maybe watch Micky’s Christmas again for our little guy that just LOVES this cartoon, maybe just maybe make some new memories to last a lifetime but above everything else, we will let each other know just how special we are to each other and how much we truly love each other. So, if Christmas every day means that we stop to share ourselves with those we love then maybe its not such a bad thing.

On this Christmas Eve, as you get ready for Christmas day may you be blessed with the love of family, the love of God and the peace of this season and may you carry that love and peace with you throughout the entire year.

Merry Christmas


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