Fourth Sunday of Advent

Okay, so you caught me. I fell down on the job of describing all the Sundays in Advent. But this Sunday is my favorite. Today we light the candle of love. Not just God’s love but our love for the world and everything in it.

It is especially important to me at this time because I have these two amazing little guys that love me unconditionally and wonder of all wonders; I love them even more.

I’ve always believed grandchildren are God’s gift to us for letting our own children live through puberty. Not that our daughter was in anyway difficult but, her friends needed some work. I know it’s tough o both parties when they are growing up but now that we let them live and our kiddos are grown with families of their own, we as grandparents reap the benefits of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. And oh how wonderful to see the love and excitement when each new thing is discovered.

When I first held my oldest grandson at just a few hours old, I whispered in his ear, “I love you best”. At first I had no clue where that came from but after thinking about it a little, I realized it came from my Grandpa. My Mom’s father taught me that he really loved each of us as much as humanly possible and in the moments he shared with us, he really loved us with such abandon that we were his favorite in that moment. And if another of the 17 grandchildren came into the circle, Grandpa included them in his favorites in that moment. It was always an equal opportunity love fest at Grandpa’s house. What a wonderful way for a child to learn about love. I feel so blessed to have been given the gift of a grandfather that knew how to love with abandon and shared that love with all his family. So now it’s my turn to pass that love on.

I Love You Best! This sweet phrase has become our little secret. We whisper it to each other all the time and now that I have two grandsons, I whisper it to both of them for I truly love them best; better than anything on this earth. I’m spending Christmas with them so it’s a equal opportunity love fest for the next few days.

Today as I light the candle of love in my advent wreath, I am reminded of our heavenly Father and how much he loves us; I am reminded of my family that loves me and taught me to love and I am reminded of these two amazing little boys that I love best.

May you be blessed this Christmas with love of family and friends.


  1. We light candles every Sunday for those we especially love but on other days when we know they need a bit extra. I felt the need to light an extra one, which will burn for longer, for a couple of people who need a bit more love at the moment, so it’s good to know that this candle is “the candle of love”.

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