Children’s Christmas Books

If you are a reader, I’ll bet you read to your children and grandchildren. I am and I do. Whenever I’m with my grandsons, I read every night at least one story, sometimes more; as many as they can convince me to read before their mother shuts down their story mooching and sends them off to bed.

The stories at this time of year are special; we read Christmas stories over and over again. In their home, the Christmas books are special not available all year but brought out during the holidays. They live on the top library shelf in the guestroom and only come out for the months of November and December. That keeps the boy’s interest in these treasured books and makes the sharing of Christmas stories special.

This year, in my attempt to downsize at least one box of crapobilia every week, I decided to go through books and donate the ones I no longer use/read/need to our public library’s Friends of the Library. The Friends hold a huge book sale several times a year but also have books on a cart for sale throughout the entire year. It’s a wonderful way to donate to a very worthy cause and clean the shelves at the same time.

This fall I went through the children’s books at our house that originally belonged to my daughter and decided to “donate” the Christmas books to my grandsons instead of the library. My boys do not come to our house for Christmas, it is much easier for the Hubby and I to travel during the winter than for them to take the kiddos on a cross country trip at the holidays.

So as I was saying, I found a stash of vintage Christmas books that I brought to Baltimore with me this week. I was sure the boys would like some of them but I did not anticipate the overwhelming response from both boys. We have read and re-read all the books in the past few days. It is amazing to see little ones so totally into books and not consumed by electronics. I am so proud of the job of raising two wonderful little human beings that my daughter and son in law are doing. These boys love visiting the library, reading during the middle of the day or anytime for that matter, and always need at least one bedtime story.

I figured there would be a couple of the Christmas books going home with me to donate to our local library on our return but, I never anticipated my boys would love each and every one of these books and want to keep them all to add to their collection.

Lucky me, I got two little readers in the family. Can’t wait to start a book club when they get a little older.


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