Fishing for Ornaments

Last year I wrote about the tradition of giving a set of wedding ornaments to a new bride and groom to start their Christmas decorating. When my sister and I put together these vintage sets of 12 ornaments we tried to always use antique and vintage ornaments but sometimes it was near impossible to find all the pieces. The most difficult pieces to find were always the bunny or rabbit and the fish.

In a set of wedding ornaments, each of the 12 ornaments carry a wish for the new couple and hopefully give the newlyweds a nice start to a Christmas tree decorated with meaningful ornaments.

The fish represents God’s blessings. It’s these vintage fish ornaments that I have the most difficult time finding and yet if you look in newer ornament shops many many types of fish ornaments exist. Probably because of the number of fishermen and the people that love them looking for a unique gift.

I do enjoy the little vintage fishes on my tree, I only have 3 of them but they remind me that God’s blessings increase just like the loaves and fishes when Christ fed the multitude

I love thinking about all the places and people associated with my vintage ornaments. Most were from estate sales but many were given to me from a relative as a gift or keepsake.

Do you have a fish ornament on your tree?


  1. What a lovely tradition, and I didn’t know about the fish. I can’t remember ever having a fish on our tree, BUT I believe I have an old bendy fish given to me as a necklace years ago, and that’s silvery, so I might cheat if i can find it.

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