Christmas Breakfast

In our family we believe that breaking bread together is one of life’s little pleasantries that bind us together as family; an old concept but one that we hold dear.  We try to never eat without sitting at a table with family and friends.  For it is in the exchange of ideas at the dinner table, the celebration of times with those we love, and the coming together for a purpose that connects us in a way that tells us we’re family.

 We are a family of bakers and artisan cooks that celebrate with food and those celebrations usually include some really tasty food.  This tradition revolving around food extends to all situations. We eat when we’re happy, we eat when we’re sad, we eat to celebrate and we eat when we wish we were celebrating.  So you can imagine just how important a Christmas breakfast could be to our family. 

A few years before I married and moved away from home, Mom found a recipe for Egg Strata in the Betty Crocker cookbook(this on-line recipe is for ham and cheese but you can substitute any breakfast meat for the ham and it turns out fantastic).  It was perfect for a breakfast when you really wanted to be doing something other than working in the kitchen while everyone else had fun….like Christmas morning.  Ever since Mom’s first egg strata almost 50 years ago, we continue to start Christmas breakfast with a basic egg strata; my favorite is a cheese and sausage egg strata. 

The beauty of this dish is it must be put together the night before, left to meld in the fridge then popped into the oven while everyone is still just waking.  It bakes for almost an hour, enough time to wake those slackers who didn’t get up early enough to make the coffee or tea and when they do awaken, they still have time to loll around lazily trying their best to be coherent. 

My Christmas morning now is spent with my two adorable grandsons, 4 yrs. & 8 yrs. and there is an urgency to the morning.  With two little ones around, we no longer wait for any slackers.  We are up and at em!  Santa came! It’s amazing!  Everything is fantastic!  The world revolves around them and they love everything about it!  With all this excitement, who could possibly think about making breakfast?

This is where a pre-made breakfast meal comes in handy.  This year, our menu is; homemade Gingerbread Muffins (made the day before then hidden from the boys), mixed berry fruit salad, sausage and cheese egg strata, triple berry juice, coffee, tea and milk.  YUM!  The boys love it and so do I. 

What are you planning to serve Christmas morning? …….Better start planning that menu and grocery shopping you only have a week left.


  1. Our Christmas morning is simple, including breakfast. No little ones to distract us. First we light candles. Then we have the morning drink – coffee for Petronela, tea for me: in bed while we see what Santa has left in our stockings. Then we have breakfast, at the table of course. Always the same: smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toast, washed down by a bottle of bubbly, carols – both English and Romanian – in the background. Breakfast finished, we open the presents to each other, and if we have any from anyone else those too. For us, a perfect Christmas morning.

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