Christmas Cards

I sent out Christmas cards last week and bought another box of cards this week for some families that were somehow not in my address book because I had their addresses in my smart phone.  Yes I have a smart phone, but I prefer to use an address book.  I’m old school.  I still like pen and paper over electronics for record keeping because I can put a tiny note in my address book that their card was sent for the year.  Weird?  I guess but it keeps me organized in a way that is familiar.  

Earlier in our marriage I remember sending over a hundred Christmas cards to friends, family, and work acquaintances.  As the years have passed, the list has dwindled due to normal attrition I guess.  Job changes – we used to send to everyone in the office for both my hubby and myself.  Our daughter grew up and moved away as did others in her circle and we lost touch with them and their families. Our affiliations with organizations have changed and quite a few individuals are sadly no longer with us.

This past November the hubby and I marked 43 years of marriage and this holiday I sent only 40 Christmas cards; mostly to family.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Does getting older translate to fewer friends or just better quality friends?  

Very few of the nieces and nephews that I sent cards to have reciprocated sending cards of their own and only a handful of friends have sent cards.  In fact we’ve only received about a half dozen Christmas cards so far.  It makes me wonder if the art of writing a letter or sending a card is being lost.  It makes me wonder if when my generation is gone if this tradition of keeping in touch through holiday cards will go by the wayside.  It also makes me wonder sometimes just why I continue to send cards.  

All that being said, I have no plans to stop sending my Christmas greeting to those I love and care about.  I will continue to keep Christmas in my heart by sending greetings and wish those I love the happiest of holidays and a healthy new year.

Do you still send Christmas cards?


  1. I make my cards for family and friends alike. I enjoy doing it, and they are simple designs so not too difficult or fiddly for my hands.
    When I was working, it was 60 plus in the office and posting around 50, but this year I posted 25 and handed out another 10 to neighbours and the darts team. I’ve got an address book and send out to everyone in it. If I don’t get one in return for whatever reason, I send one the following year anyway, but no response again and I cross them out as they may have moved and I have no other address. Family is Bro in NZ, my other brother, a nephew, an aunt, 2 uncles and my sister has a bumper envelope containing cards for her kids and their families. We’ve got quite a nice little collection on the piano this year, though most are from friends.

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    • I did the handmade card thing a few years back making a few each month with friends but that group disbanded when our fearless leader and scrapbooker extraordinaire moved away. Now I look for cards that look handmade just after the holidays, pay half off and pack them away for next year. Is that cheating?


      • I don’t think so. Although some of the printed ones are very nice (and expensive), a handmade card is always just that little bit ‘special’. A friend makes hers too but with cross stitch, so has more patience than me with paper and double sided tape!
        I make mine when I feel the urge regardless of the time of year. I;’e got loads in reserve for birthdays, but have run out for Christmas and haven’t made Hubby’s yet.

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      • Wow! counted cross stitch? I couldn’t ever get that dedicated – absolutely out of patience when it comes to counted cross stitch but, I can appreciate the effort. The cards I made in the past were part of a monthly card making class with a friend that loves to scrapbook and create paper works of art. She had all the supplies and designed the cards, we just brought the wine and constructed the cards. But, when Christmas came, we each had a nice supply of cards ready to go. Since my scrap-booking friend moved, I miss that.


      • I got the bug at a demo at a Ladies group and made some monstrosities in the early days putting too much in too small a space.\Now less is more and I’m quite pleased.! I had a session today. Post coming up later.

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  2. I still send Christmas (and birthday) cards as I feel that a personal hand-written message shows, I hope, that the person is a little more in my thoughts than is indicated by a quick few words on, eg, Facebook. One of the loveliest cards I have ever received was a hand-made one received last Christmas, made by a blogger who you know. Last week I had another which touched me as inside the card was a hand-written letter – it was from a cousin in Canada who I haven’t seen for about 60 years but although I have a ‘Christmas’ letter from her every year it is the first time it has been hand-written. We live in a small complex of about 30 apartments and although I see most of our neighbours fairly regularly we like to remind them we think about them with a card each Christmas.

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  3. I started sending Christmas cards 46 yeas ago. That was the first year my husband and I were married. I still love to send cards. Last week my granddaughter and I took Christmas cards to the nursing home and passed them out to the residents. WOW!!! They loved them. I also gave Christmas cards to all of the women in my Sunday School class at a Christmas party. Plus I mailed Christmas cards to friends and older members of my church. It is wonderful to bless others though the gift of sending Christmas cards and birthday cards.

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