Letters to Santa

Talking with my daughter about my grandsons and their letters to Santa got me to thinking about those never ending lists some kiddos send off to Santa. 

For several years my husband was our Santa at the tearoom I owned with my daughter and some of the children that came for our hugely successful Tea With Santa actually brought their letters with to the tea hoping to give it to Santa personally not trusting the US Postal Service with their requests.  Some of these letters were chatty, others just a long list of their “I want this or I want that”.   One of these letters was just a two column, extremely long list of just about every toy in the toy store.   At the time, I remember being appalled that the parents allowed this letter to leave their home but, for some families, the job of Santa is to overwhelm the true spirit of Christmas.

My Dad always called these never ending lists to Santa of things that some children “wanted” a bad case of the “galloping gimmies”.  You know?  When a child wants everything they see without actually giving it much thought to why other than its on a commercial on TV or their friends want it too.  As children, we were only allowed to ask Santa for one thing.  Finances were tight in our family when I was young but we never noticed because Mom and Dad always spent time making wonderful memories for us instead of buying us stuff.

My daughter and son-in-law adopted the notion that their boys will get three gifts each year: something they want, something they need and something from Santa plus their stockings with small trinkets, fruit and candy.  That way, when they write their letters to Santa, they think long and hard about that one thing they really, truly want express delivered from the North Pole.  My daughter sets the boys down the first of November and gets them started on their Christmas letters to Santa with the explanation that Santa needs time to make sure he has time to look at everyone’s wishes. 

Early in November this year, my 8 year old grandson wrote his letter to Santa letting the big guy know just how much he tried to be good; he attempted to be helpful and kind but he felt like some of his efforts may have missed the mark.  He asked about the welfare of the reindeer and Mrs. Clause then told Santa to please surprise him since he really wasn’t sure what to ask for this year.

Surprise me.  Surprise me?  What kiddo asks Santa to “surprise me”?  I am so totally in love with this sweet, kind, tenderhearted boy.  And I know for a fact that when Christmas morning rolls around, he will be so excited about whatever he receives.

Have you written you letter to Santa? What is your Christmas wish?


  1. For us presents from Santa were what was in the stockings, so small, mainly some sweets, nuts and fruits. ‘Bigger’ presents were under the Christmas tree, to be opened after breakfast. They came from mum, grandma, aunts and uncles – maybe 5 or 6 in all. They were always a surprise. Having been brought up like that it’s very difficult for me to change.

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  2. We too had stockings chocked full of small surprises, fruits, nuts, candy and a silver dollar in the toe. That was the best part as a small child to find the “Big” money in the toe of the stocking. And yes, our larger presents were always under the tree. But even at my advance age, for me it’s not Christmas without a stocking. I guess I’m just a kid at heart.


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