My Vintage Tree

Last year my 25 Days of Christmas posts were mostly about my vintage and antique glass ornament collection.  These beautiful fragile glass baubles decorate my tree and home each year and delight everyone that comes to our home during the holiday season.  

Our artificial tree was purchased from a commercial wholesale supplier years ago as a display piece for my antique shop.  Its unique design allows about 10 to 12 inches of space between branches so that the ornaments hang without touching any other part of the tree and when selling ornaments from this tree customers can easily reach one without disturbing ornaments close by or worrying about breaking others.  This tree most closely resembles the balsam type tree I enjoyed each year in my parents home.  I usually pile so many layers of ornaments on the tree that no one gets near it once it’s finished.  We appreciate it from across the room

Every year for the past ten years or so, I put my tree up on the weekend before Thanksgiving, put the lights on it, bring up the totes and boxes of ornaments and put them around the tree.  On Thanksgiving day, my guests arrive while I am making dinner and they get put to work decorating my tree.  Genius!  Even though some laugh at my ingenuity, it’s become a family tradition now and some of my relations actually look forward to decorating my tree, counting the number of ornaments, praying they don’t break any, and generally getting a little dose of holiday spirit early enough to get their Christmas ideas flowing.  What doesn’t get put on the tree by my friends and family is left for me to finish the following day.  That’s when I get out the box with my very special ornaments; my grandfather’s ornament, my Mom’s black bell, my neighbor’s ornaments, etc.   These few ornaments are my personal favorites and I want to enjoy the memories they evoke.

My collection of glass ornaments grows each time I see another glass ornament that I do not remember owning.  This year I added a white lute style ornament (I have a red one, a green one and a gold lute already but no white one) and a large clip-on bird(to keep my other large clip-on bird company).  I found these at the holiday market I sold at a week ago.   Even thought tens of thousands of styles of ornaments were made throughout time, it is getting more and more difficult to find any I do not have in my collection.  But then, that is what collecting is all about; the thrill of the hunt.

It’s crazy I know but I cannot get enough of these beautifully made glass baubles.  I have over a thousand vintage glass ornaments on my tree and even more that I use in bowls and other trees.  Yes, you read that right, 1000+ ornaments on my big tree.  It’s glorious! there are not words to describe the enjoyment we get from sitting late at night, a warm drink in hand, no lights except the tree, and Christmas music on the stereo.  Now that’s enjoyment!

What type of tree to you enjoy?

Over 75 tiny ornaments on this 14 inch tree brighten my  dining room buffet.  


  1. I used to have a few glass Christmas tree decorations; having begun my annual reading of Dickens’s Christmas stories and so reminded that it’s the season of goodwill, I won’t say why I have them no longer. All came from my grandmother and I remember two in particular. One was a bird much like yours, clip on, but I suspect it was even older. It’s tail was real feathers. My favourite however was a sailing ship, very complex and delicate with a lot of rigging also made of glass. I’ve never seen another like it.

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    • I have never seen a ship. I’m sure it was lovely especially with lights reflecting off it’s rigging. Every year I sadly have some breakage. These glass baubles are so delicate they actually crumble in the packing while waiting for the next year. No matter how carefully I pack them.


  2. I’m about to have my first child in a few months so I put every glass ornament I had on the tree this year. Figuring there might be a hiatus on breakables in the coming years. I just love your collection!

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