The Season of Advent

The season of advent is upon us; 25 days till Christmas.  Time to get ready.  Time to celebrate with our family and friends.  What are your traditions?  What do you do as a family to keep advent?

Do you bake cookies? or just eat Christmas cookies?

Do you watch every Hallmark Christmas movie on the television?

Do you attend as many parties as possible? or throw as many parties as possible?

Do you decorate the entire house or just put up a solitary tree?

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day? Boxing Day? Twelfth night? Epiphany?

Do you light candles? or attend candlelight services?

Do you read Christmas bedtime stories?

What are your traditions? your family traditions?

I am planning to blog 25 days of Christmas about my family’s traditions and decorations.  So let’s get read for Christmas together.  Here’s hoping you enjoy!



  1. It’s just us and the dog so she will get a new soft toy (with squeaker) and we’ll have our ten pound dash. Traditional dinner though with all the trimmings just in small quantities. Our Christmases are always wonderful as we’re together.

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  2. In our house there was always a flurry of activity leading up to Christmas. Mom loved everything about Christmas, the baking, the decorating, the planning, the music, etc. So naturally all 5 of us have a tendency to go a little overboard with our advent plans. Every year I say I’m scaling back, planning to do less, jut going to sit back and enjoy the season then go all out and do even more. Hope you enjoy my preparations.


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