Rage Rooms?

In today’s Chicago Sun Times newspaper, in the Well section a November 11, 2018 article from USA Today’s Marina Pitofsky caught my interest:  Rage Rooms, Why recreational smashing could be good for your mental health.

Believe it or not, there are companies based on the idea that people want/need to break things in an effort to help their mental health, allowing them a sort of adult temper tantrum.  Not being one of those people, it seems a bit peculiar.  Why would anyone need to smash things?  Does the need to smash something fill some primordial need to vent anger?  If so, maybe that person should look to a more conventional therapy.  Would a person with rage issues escalate their anger management problems needing even more therapy?  Or does it just feel good to break things without any repercussions, responsibilities or reparation?

Now I’m not normally a rage filled person, so for me it seemed a tad unusual that people would actually pay to go somewhere to smash things.  Prices vary from $15 with a BYO – bring your own breakable to up to $300 for the “Overkill” package in the Los Angeles rage room that includes 100 items to break such as televisions, wine bottles and printers.

Seems to be a trend that is spreading throughout the world with rage rooms in many large cities from Japan to Serbia, from Chicago to Tucson to Seattle.  Trend Watching’s Maxwell Luthy, director of trends and insights, was quoted in the article saying, “Rage rooms are unique because they allow consumers to make a memory instead of buying a product.  You have an anxious consumer who needs to let off some steam and this provides an experience for them.  This is more substantial than a unicorn frappuccino.”

Rage Rooms….Who knew?


  1. It seems to me another of the stupid ideas to which we have been increasingly subjected in recent years. I haven’t heard of such a thing in the UK but for sure it will come if it has become popular elsewhere. What an easy way to make money – have a suitable space, collect a load of junk and get people to pay to come to smash it up. Ridiculous!
    Hans Christian Anderson dealt perfectly with this kind of nonsense in ‘The Emperorks New Clothes’.

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