Getting Ready for Advent?

Yesterday, on Halloween, I made my first gingerbread house of the year. Now, normally I do not start the whole gingerbread thing until almost Thanksgiving week.  When I owned my tearoom we hosted a Gingerbread House Workshop where we provided a constructed house, tray and royal icing ‘glue’ to affix your candies and small treats on the exterior.  This workshop held in the first few weeks of December became a tradition for some families and we saw them year after year.

When I had the tearoom, we made somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 gingerbread houses for our customers to come and decorate on several nights in December for our workshop.  It was a wonderful time of family fun and creative inspiration.

This year, I am handing over the workshop to Kernel Sweettooth, a sweet shop in Frankfort, IL.  Hopefully they are able to have as much fun with this workshop as we had over the years and enjoy a long happy holiday with happy families and wonderful smelling gingerbread houses.

The house I put together yesterday was the prototype; the display house that will hopefully sell the workshops to their customers.  By the end of this month we should have plenty of blank gingerbread houses waiting for families to create their most imaginative architecturally decorative wonders.  Happy Holidays!


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