Someone says Happy Halloween and as an empty-nester I am suddenly drawn back to the days when we would labor over my daughter’s costume choices for the better part of October.  Flip flopping from one idea to another until we had it completely figured out.  Starting with an idea from a book we’d read, a movie we saw or just the craziness of childhood imagination. Of course we never had store-bought costumes.  They HAD to be constructed at home in my sewing room or the costume box located in Grandma’s attic.

We loved those rainy spring or fall days when Grandma’s attic hovered in a mild enough temperature to spend hours trying on one costume after another; pretending to be someone from the past or future like an Indian princess or George Washington; TV show personalities or comic book people like Wilma or Pebbles Flintstone, the Flying Nun, or the Flash; everyday people like a hobo, a cook, or football player.  All of these were costumes Grandma made for her children then lovingly packed away for future use.

My daughter chose to put together Halloween costumes other than those available at Grandma’s.  Personalities or things she dreamed of being in her imagination.  A tombstone was an easy costume to make, just some sheet foam, paint and large markers. Once she decided to be a teabag, another year she was a juicy red apple and of course I could find no photos of these costumes.

These are some of the photos of my daughter’s costumes I could find.  I still smile thinking about her determination and drive to get me to sew her costume as well as a miniature version for her baby doll.  All the costumes needed to be large enough to go over a winter coat to protect her from the weather in our area of the Midwest that was often close to winter temps.

What fun!  Those days leading up to Halloween were days I will always cherish.  I’d do it all again in an instant!

Do you make your costumes, rent, borrow, or purchase?  Are children still into the excitement of choosing to be someone else for one short evening or is Halloween all about the candy?

Looking forward to the parade of costumes tonight.  Happy Halloween!


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