Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens


It took us a couple days to get home to the Chicago area from Round Top Antiques market.  To drive straight through would be about 18 hours.  Our first stop was on Sunday in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. My nephew and his family live in Eulis, Texas near Fort Worth and we wanted to stay a day or two with them, visiting and playing with their new daughter.  We went to dinner, played with the baby.  Sat at home sharing experiences and played with the baby.  Checked out a few antique malls and played with the baby.  See a pattern?

One highlight was our visit to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on a delightfully warm Monday. This 33 acre botanical garden located in the heart of Ft. Worth at 3220 Botanic Garden Boulevard was built in 1929 and includes more than 20 structured gardens in addition to its vast forested woodlands.  It is the oldest botanic garden in Texas with over 2500 species of native and exotic plants.  Located just minutes from my nephew’s home; we had to go.

Roses in this garden were originally donated by the workers that built these gardens.  You can find plaques dating some species back as far as 1881.

Since we had limited time, we only visited one garden, the Rose Garden this past Monday, October 8.  We choose to go on Monday thinking not as many people would be there on a weekday; forgetting the children were off school for the observance of Columbus Day.  Regardless, it was lovely.  Most of the roses were still in bloom and the weather was perfect.  There was a slight breeze, the temperature was in the mid 70’sF, birds were singing, and bees and butterflies were buzzing.

The rose garden is built on a slope with a gently flowing waterfall running through the middle; on either side a wide slowly sloping walkway of flagstone steps, lined on the outer sides with huge planters filled with one very large plump agave plant apiece.  A formal parterre style garden lined with boxwood bushes gives structure to this vast garden and is a delight to view from the upper stone pavilion.  The garden terminates at a formal fountain in a smallish pool, followed by a smaller rose garden with metal arbors loaded with climbing roses and beyond that a koi pond that reflects seasonal changes with its beautiful tree specimens which can be seen on their website HERE.

As we walked throughout the gardens, we noticed tiny butterflies, humming birds, bees and moths drinking nectar from all the beautiful flowering shrubs and plants.  The gardens are so alive with flying creatures that it is easy to mistake their bright colors for flower petals.  Several other visitors were having formal quinceañera photographs taken.  What a beautiful backdrop to commemorate such an important event.


For our first visit we only walked through the Rose Garden last Monday.  With over 20 other gardens to visit, I know we’ll be back; maybe the next time I visit Texas.


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