Wacky Wednesday

Can you believe a week has gone by already and we’re back with another Wacky Wednesday here at the Round Top Antiques Market.  Like all markets I attend, there is always something wild and wonderfully wacky for sale.

At the end of last week, I found a taxi stand man made of metal from probably the 1940’s or 1950’s.  Most likely stood at the street to let folks know where the taxi would regularly stop.  This happy fellow stands about seven feet tall and his hand rotates up or down to signal the cabdrivers.  His hand and arm are in need of a little TLC but other than that, this Checker Taxi man is ready to go to work.dsc00378.jpg

This newspaper ad from 1916 for Dr. Pepper is sure to bring a smile to most.  “Drink Dr. Pepper for Vim, Vigor and Vitality” is quite a statement.  I never thought a carbonated beverage could do all that for a person but wow!  It also claims that Atlas himself would recommend Dr. Pepper if he were here.  Isn’t it interesting how advertising has changed over the years and supposedly become more transparent with less sensationalized claims?  Or has it really?20181001_130720.jpg

Sometimes I find the wacky things after they are sold and just waiting to be picked up.  These orange chairs are so comfortable but it took a certain type of person to see the beauty in them and have a place to use them.  The bright orange fiberglass, a throw back to the late 1960 is not exactly something that could fit into just any décor.  Luckily the owner was able to sell them the first week of this show.20180924_082509.jpg

Do you need a Big Boy for the back yard?  This fiberglass Big Boy stands about 40 inches high and is available in BarW’s field for $350.  The large porcine chef stands proudly outside a booth with hand crafted birdhouses.   I think either could really enhance the look of your barbecue pit.

This dealer has a huge mountain of lobster traps.  Now, I don’t know much about fishing or for that matter trapping lobsters but I think lobsters are usually caught off the coast of New England.  What someone will do with a lobster trap in Texas, I don’t know but they’re fun to look at and stacked this high they make quite a statement.20180927_100953.jpg

Loads of animals, taxidermy as well as fiberglass animals.  After last week’s rhino, I started noticing lots and lots of animals and animal parts.  Booths with mounted deer heads.  Booths with fiberglass zebra.  One tent sells only horns and antlers; tables and tables of deer antlers, cow horns and cow skulls.  Look long enough and you could probably start a silent zoo.


It’s always interesting to see what others bring to market.  I really do enjoy all the wackiness, all the weirdness, all the wild and woolly strangeness there is about a market.  But seriously, it makes me wonder: Who buys this stuff?


Until October 6 I’ll be blogging from Warrenton Texas at the Round Top Antiques Market.  Follow me, learn about the quirky, strange and unusual items, people and things to see.  I hope you enjoy my trip as much as I. If you’re in the Round Top area stop by the Campbell Building and see us; our booth is Eye 4 Jewels.  Or you can check out the building’s Facebook page here.  For a calendar of events during the show and list of all the venues and their dates and times open here.

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