Are You Ready for Prom?

We normally think of Prom as a spring dance with high schoolers dressed up and dancing the night away.  Here in Warrenton Texas, Prom is a spring and fall event hosted by the Junk Gypsy group.  Their Junk-O-Rama Prom, the highlight of the second week of Texas Antique Week(s) as an.  Coming up this Thursday night, Prom brings out the bling in a big way.  Last year’s prom capped off a week of long hot days for us.

Looking forward to this years prom, I’m investigating outfits.  Winnie’s Petticoats to Pearl Snaps vintage clothing business in the Campbell Building has some fantastically blingy dresses and accent pieces that are just itching to go to Prom.  Start by deciding on a dress.  Do you want total bling like the yellow, green or purple ones?  Or maybe a basic black dress that could be accessorized?

Next it’s time to find the perfect accessories.

And maybe a hat?

And last but not least, some jewelry from Eye4Jewels in the Campbell Building.


Whether you attend Prom in your everyday street clothes or go all out vintage bling, you’re guaranteed to have a great time dancing the night away.  We’ll be looking for you.20171005_204929

Until October 6th or a little later,  I’ll be blogging from Warrenton Texas at the Round Top Antiques Market.  Follow me; learn about the quirky, strange and unusual items, people and things to see.  I hope you enjoy my trip as much as I. If you’re in the Round Top area stop by the Campbell Building and see us; our booth is Eye 4 Jewels.  Or you can check out the building’s Facebook page here.  For a calendar of events during the show and list of all the venues and their dates and times open here.




  1. I don’t live far from Warrenton, yet I’ve only been able to go to the show once this year. (A lot going on). We only managed to visit Blue Hills, and then checked out The Boneyard.

    I don’t know how you can stand the heat day in and day out though. (I absolutely detest our summers, especially when the humidity is high). I hope you’re having fun, regardless of the weather, and I’ll join in the fun vicariously, through your photos and posts.


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