Build Your Own

This morning on my walk into town for the Round Top Antiques Market I began to notice an unusual phenomenon; airplane parts for sale.  Not just a couple little door handles or headrest covers.  No this was entire airplanes along with other large pieces.

Now, what would you do with full size airplane parts?  Build a plane, piece by piece? Then what?  No engine parts just body parts so you have to find a place to park your airplane shell because this plane will never fly.   You could try placing them around your yard as decorative pieces but, they are rather large.  I guess you could start with a smaller, light airplane body like those above and move onto other pieces.

How do you use an old jet engine casing?  What can be done with an airplane door?  I guess I am just not inventive enough.  My visualization skills do not include use of most of the rust piles out in the fields of Warrenton nor do they include coming up with quirky or inventive ways to use spare airplane parts.

Twin propellers for your airplane.

Just give them a look/see.  Try if you might to come up with an interesting way to include a 6 foot wide cone that used to encase a jet engine or a stainless steel airplane door.  The idea of a piece of history is appealing but I just do not know how I would include it in my yard.  Or for that matter, get it home.


For the next two weeks I’ll be blogging from Warrenton Texas at the Round Top Antiques Market.  Follow me, learn about the quirky, strange and unusual items, people and things to see.  I hope you enjoy my trip as much as I. If you’re in the Round Top area stop by the Campbell Building and see us; our booth is Eye 4 Jewels.  Or you can check out the building’s Facebook page here.  For a calendar of events during the show and list of all the venues and their dates and times open here.

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