Quaint Stories Make Vintage Items More Personal.

Day three at the Round Top Antiques Market and the word prompts of the day are Quaint and Personal.  What appropriate words to describe our booth filled with vintage and antique jewelry, hats, purses and items of a personal nature.

My sister has collected vintage costume jewelry and Victorian jewelry for over 30 years and has quite a good eye for searching out the unusual and interesting jewelry pieces.  Trying to always get the story that goes with any item, she somehow remembers the stories and passes them on with each sale. Sometimes it’s a charmingly quaint story of where the item started or why it was given as a gift.  Sometimes the story is of a succession of generations that used the jewelry then chose for whatever reason to sell it.  Sadly sometimes there is no story and the new owner only gets a history of how or why it was made but often that information is enough to send our customers on their way with a happy heart and their new purchase.

The personal items I sell in our booth are the type that would grace a lady’s vanity or dresser; perfume bottles, brush, comb and mirror sets, evening bags, Lucite purses, jewelry boxes, vintage hats, and complete dresser sets.

It’s so enjoyable for me to hear a customer come into our booth, pick up an item and recall a time when someone they loved used something similar and the memory brings them a moment of happiness.

For the next two weeks I’ll be blogging from Warrenton Texas at the Round Top Antiques Market.  Follow me, learn about the quirky, strange and unusual items, people and things to see.  I hope you enjoy my trip as much as I. If you’re in the Round Top area stop by the Campbell Building and see us; our booth is Eye 4 Jewels.  Or you can check out the building’s Facebook page here.  For a calendar of events during the show and list of all the venues and their dates and times open here.


    • It’s been a slow start for us with rain forecasted every day for the next week but are getting the serious shoppers and dealers or shop owners which usually translates into better sales. I’m hoping the weather cooperates with a forcast change for the better so more day trippers will come out. We’ll see.


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