The Bucketheads Retire to Texas

For those of you that used to come into the tearoom in Frankfort Illinois, the Bucketheads were an anticipated seasonal sight.  Every year after Labor Day, the Bucketheads made their appearance outside the tearoom holding court out front until almost Thanksgiving delighting  our customers and entertaining visitors to town.  For two whole months, they weathered the elements with a smile on their faces bringing a little joy to those passing by, posing for pictures and generally brightening everyone’s day.halloween 046

Well, its time for the Bucketheads to retire and they chose to accompany me to Texas this fall.   When we arrived, they stayed in the van for a day, waiting for their chance to test the waters, check out the surrounding area and get a feel for the town.  Once they made their appearance, it was unanimously agreed; they found their new home, outside the Campbell building in Warrenton Texas near the parking lot entrance.  Sitting on a hay bale, Mrs. Buckethead is still smiling, still happy, and ever the optimist looking forward to retirement.  Mr. Buckethead stands stoically at her side, protecting her from anything that should threaten their existence and hoping for an easier pace of life in Texas.

About 17 years ago the Bucketheads got married and came to work at our first antique business.  They stood by us through thick and thin at Dreaming in the Attic, our antique store then graciously moved to the Pickwick Tearoom after we closed our antiques shop where they remained until I retired about 2 years ago.  Then they got relegated to the garage for most of the year.  Every time I went into the garage, there they sat, smiling, just waiting their turn to bask in the crisp autumn sunshine, bringing smiles to other’s faces.  But sadly, they were too bulky to take with to shows.  Then the thought occurred to me to see if they’d like to retire to Texas and they agreed.

Now, it’s time for a warmer climate and another job…..maybe a job that is not as taxing; one that needs minimal input with maximum effect.  I wish them well in their choice to retire to Texas.  Hopefully they enjoy the warm Texas sunshine, long hot days, and star filled nights.


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