Fair – Fall Festival

The RagTag Daily Prompt for today is: Fair.  A perfect word for this week with the end of summer looming.  Labor Day is upon us and small towns all over the US will celebrate with festivals and fairs.

In little Frankfort, Illinois the fair is the annual Fall Festival sponsored by the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Frankfort, and many other organizations throughout the village.  This festival, in it’s 50th year, completely takes over  the streets of the historic district, shutting down any vehicle traffic and only allowing foot traffic.  The local Boy Scout have a parking concession on the edge of town and bus folks into the historic district.  Many churches and other organizations have concessions selling everything from lemon shake-ups to sausage sandwiches.  Live entertainment changes hourly on the main stage and the Fire Department hosts a carnival.

But, the thing that brings tens of thousands of people into this little town over the Labor Day Weekend is the hundreds of arts and crafts booths lining the streets.  Tent after tent of juried artists and crafters work diligently all year to bring their best work to sell at the Frankfort Fall Festival and provide some of the most uniquely amazing items for you, for gifts and for your home.

One part of this fair that I have always admired is the spirit of community that permeates every portion of this event.  It starts with the Chamber of Commerce committees of volunteers that devote so much of their time and efforts to make certain this year is the best year ever.  And these same volunteers dedicate their hard work every year, year after year, never tiring, never complaining; just happily going about the business of making Fall Fest a success for everyone.

So, if you find yourself in the Frankfort, Illinois area this coming weekend, make plans to attend the 50th Annual Fall Festival.  You’ll be glad you did.

What fair will you attend this last weekend of summer?


      • We attended three in total, and the atmosphere was always good. What amazed us was that walking into town the following day, there was no litter or any trace of them having been there as they had their own bins and clean up brigade.

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      • It truly is amazing. The local hockey club is in charge of trash at this fair. They get paid by the chamber of commerce to keep after it all weekend long. Then after the last crafters booths are removed on Monday a team of volunteers comes in to remove all the haybales, tables, extra worker’s tents etc. Then a crew of streetsweepers starts and cleans up whats left . It is an impressively coordinated effort but the town can get back to normal on Tuesday.

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  1. I don’t think we will make it to the fair this year, although the state fair is going on right now, in our town, and it’s really fun–lot’s to look at. It’s over tomorrow. I need to work extra this week, do some canning, and get my daughter off to school on Tuesday. We did spend several days camping last week, so I got my fun that way this year.

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