Round Top Texas

It’s time to start planning another road trip.  Round Top Antiques Week is only a month away.  Yes, you read that right.  In less than a month’s time, my sister and I will be headed south again from Chicago to Texas to participate in one of the largest antique markets in the US.

Round Top Antiques Show started over 50 years ago as a small weekend event and grew to the huge multiple site show it is today.  Words cannot adequately describe the size and breath of this market.  Located halfway between Austin and Houston, Round Top, Warrenton, and the surrounding area open their arms to welcome hundreds of dealers and thousands of shoppers twice a year.  The fall antiques market begins around the 20th of September in some of the venues and continues through October 7th.   Check HERE for dates of different venues.

20171003_123542We rent space in the Campbell Building in Warrenton Texas along with over a dozen other vendors that offer a wide variety of antique, vintage and new items.  Everything from estate jewelry, vintage costume jewelry, repurposed vintage finds, hand made soaps, vintage clothing, painted furniture, architectural and industrial pieces with a steam punk vibe, barnyard chic pieces for your home and yard, funky finds and more.

The surrounding area of Warrenton is peppered with old dance hall buildings, vintage stores, mile square fields of circus size tents and newer venues just bursting at the seams with every kind of antique and vintage item.  For an impressive view of the Round Top/Warrenton area check out this flyover video from last year.  It will give you a basic idea of how much area this market covers.  So if you plan to come this fall, bring your track shoes – there’s a lot of walking.

As I have for the past few markets, I will be blogging from Texas sharing funky finds, unique antiques, and my view of the market from Round Top Texas.

Can’t Wait!


  1. Look forward to your post/s from Round Top. I’d love to visit the event – sounds wonderful.
    Tackling the bureaucracy here in Romania (much worse since the country entered the European Union) is time-consuming and frustrating so I’m having difficulty posting even infrequently, let alone keeping my daily diary, even when there is WiFi like now. If our latest ‘project’ comes off (the cause of need to tackle so much of the bureaucracy) I’ll no doubt post about it.
    At the moment we’re being frustrated by trying to become married as far as the Romanian authorities are concerned, necessary for our ‘project’; we’ve only been married for 18 years, civilly in Uk, in church in Romanian, but as far as the Romanian authorities are concerned we are not!

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    • Oh what a nightmare! Do these bureaucrats justify their positions by making more work for themselves and others in an effort to make their departments seem powerful? Or did you just find the one with a Napoleon complex? I wish you well on your journey to make your marriage “legally acknowledged “. Maybe tomorrow will be Napoleon’s day off and you can see a more sympathetic government worker to get the job done. Good luck.


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