Welcome to our Town Slow Down

I love old signs.  I don’t collect them, I just love the quirkiness of them.  On my morning walk today this little enameled blue and white sign made me smile.

Located on a side street where the speed limit is only 25mph this sign sits proudly on the owner’s front step letting passersby know that this town values their slow pace.20180810_093954.jpg

I cannot imagine where this little sign started life.  At only about 7 inches high by about 9 inches long it is not anywhere large enough to be read from a passing car but maybe it was in a car rental place warning people that this town is vigilant about speeders so be careful.  Maybe it was originally mounted on the door going out of the police department where you had to go to pay your fines for speeding.  Maybe it was mounted where you could read it from the car when getting gas at a filling station.

Who knows?  All I know is it made me smile and remember a time when things moved more slowly and people paid attention to warnings.  A simpler time when people had an abiding faith in human nature to do the right thing because they read a sign.  What a simple sign.  What a big message.  Do you think it was effective?  Do you think anyone paid attention and slowed down?  I don’t know?

Where do you think this sign originally started warning motorists to drive safely?


  1. We have shops that sell ‘novelty signs’ that are this size. I think it should be put up on entering the town, as it states a sensible message.
    Thanks for the link, though it’s my response to Fandango’s challenge. Have a great day.

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