Glass Pitchers — Collecting

Going through my collection of white ceramic pitchers for a post, I realized I have a fair amount of glass pitchers. How about that?  A new collection!  I use my pitchers quite often, more in the warmer months when we are entertaining outdoors but I still use them quite a bit.


Some are small, only holding a pint or quart; others hold over a gallon.  The bigger the pitcher, the more sangria….that is a win-win for me I think.

One of my favorites, a small pint and a half, one-liter size in green depression glass often used for flowers since the green blends nicely with the foliage, the base sits flat enough to keep it stable and of course, it looks quite attractive on a vintage tablecloth.  It does look rather nice with lemonade or a light sangria also but holds only enough for one or two light drinkers.  The deep red color of sangria made with red wine fights with the green and looks muddy so I only; still tasty but I always say we eat with our eyes first.  What better way to start out than with a beautiful pitcher of fruit and wine served in a strikingly lovely pitcher?

Most of my pitchers have paneled sides, must be a pattern I subconsciously favor. On one of the oldest, circa 1920’s or before, the panels are embossed with a diamond pattern alternating with smaller panels of ribbed glass.  This pressed glass pitcher is footed, stands about 12 inches high and holds almost three quarts of liquid.  The foot is embossed with a swirl pattern and gives the pitcher a lighter look when sitting on a table.

Shopping antique malls, I am always drawn to glass pitchers.  Can’t explain it I just Love these things.  Clear glass, milk glass, tall, short, pudgy or sleek they all draw my attention.  Each time I find a new shape, style or pattern, I must look, ponder and decide if I need another pitcher in my life.  Not that I really need any more but they are beautiful to look at aren’t they?


What do you use your pitchers for?



  1. It’s always fascinating to learn what other people collect; I’ve.never come across a pitcher (we’d call them jugs) collector before. I love the tall one with the foot (top left). I’d use it for freshly made lemonade with mint if I had it, my favourite drink in the Romanian heat. I think I told you that I used to collect 18th century drinking glasses long ago but most of them would not have been large enough for lemonade (or sangria) though I used them regularly for wine – just more frequent refills 😃.

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    • I didn’t set out to collect these jugs/pitchers. It just sort of happened. I really have often become somewhat of an accidental collector. I purchase things I’m drawn to hoping someone else will like the item and then end up keeping it for a while along with a few others of similar style thereby forming a mini collection. I too have antique mouth blown glasses but those were purposely collected. And remember, whether the glass is small or large, half full or half empty, the point is the glass is always refillable.
      How is your trip so far. Hoping the weather has improved.

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      • Yes, we now have the summer weather I come to Romania for (I love the heat, even when everybody else is complaining it is “too hot” 😃 but having begun a few administrative ‘chores’ we now have to complete those over the next 2/3 days. This includes three exciting ‘finds’ in Petronela’s parents’ attic! VHS tapes of some of my activities with my students 20 years ago, including the one I met recently when we first entered Romania. A wonderful ‘find’ for me and, I’m sure, for them. I’ll be posting about them eventually, when I’ve had copies made on CD/DVD, hopefully Tuesday/Wednesday.

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