Memories of Ice Cream

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt was “Memory” and I just didn’t find time to write about memories. Many, too many to try to cram into one post was my initial thought then I got busy and forgot about posting anything for Monday.

Last night about 3:30am squealing tires and a huge booming sound woke me from a sound sleep. We live one house off the corner of a busy intersection so of course, I got up looked out the east window toward the corner expecting to see a spectacular crash to call in a report to the police but there was none. No lights, no sounds, nothing. So I scratched my head, laid back down and went back to sleep thinking I must have dreamt the noise.

Imagine my surprise when at 6am there were helicopters hovering over our normally peaceful neighborhood. So of course, there I go again voyeuristic-like peering out the windows for whatever happened to make my quiet neighborhood such a hotbed of activity so early in the morning. Again my normal inclination was to check out the busy corner where most negative activity happens but, no it was not the corner this time but halfway down the block in the opposite direction toward the last business in the village’s downtown area, our vintage Dairy Queen…..flashing lights, multiple emergency vehicles, people, lots and lots of people standing in silence, staring at what had been our favorite place for a quick ice cream.

Somehow in the middle of the night, someone driving irresponsibly, managed to launch his SUV into the side of this vintage building ending his own life as well as this business’s seasonal sales.



Like all Dairy Queens from the late 1950’s you walked up to a window, ordered, paid and received your ice cream treat. Then retreated to your car, a bench out front or a huge logs in the back of the parking lot and ate your ice cream. This is one of the last DQ’s in the area that is only open seasonally, March to October, with window sales only.

My first memory of this Dairy Queen I was small, so small in fact that I could not see into the window to order, the server had to hang out the window to see me. A Dilly Bar was always my sister’s favorite, I ordered a small cone. Heaven in a cone! Smooth, creamy, cold. What could be better on a hot summer day?

This little DQ was a mainstay in our little village. Baseball teams were rewarded by their coaches, children of all ages were treated with their favorites and older folks held special memories of an earlier time when happiness came in the form of a small cone.

For today, we must be happy with our memories. Hopefully the family that last year celebrated 50 years of owning this landmark business will decide to rebuild and reopen for next season but for now, we have to be content with our memories.

This blog post is in response to Fandango’s Daily Prompt word of the day – Memory

Just thought I’d add an update. Fantastic News! Our Dairy Queen is almost ready. The countdown numbers change daily as the anticipation builds. They should be open this Friday, August 31st. Here’s to another 50 years hopefully with smooth sailing all the way.


  1. Who would have thought that ice cream would take me to another world? It’s one of the wonders of blogging – following others rather than just posting ourselves. We have similar kioscs only at the seaside and other tourist spots. Much more plentiful are the mobile ‘kioscs’ – ice cream vans – which station themselves st popular tourist spots or tour housing estates announcing there presence with a little jingle.
    It’s amazing what some drivers will do to commit suicide. Our closest city, Bradford, has some of (a lot of) the worst driving in the UK so I go there by car as little as possible.

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  2. How horrible for the Dairy Queen owners and the driver, too. (Is it possible he died before he crashed?)
    We are so fortunate to still have a vintage Dairy Queen nearby (in Port Colborne, ON) We don’t often drive by without stopping and usually there is a line up from the sidewalk to the window.

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    • Yes it is an institution in our village also. Long lines all the way to the street and sometimes around the building but oh so worth the wait. The owners already have a construction crew putting the place back together. They plan to be open asap. No word on the driver yet. I imagine the investigation will take time.


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