Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Vintage.  What a perfect word for my life.

I am vintage!  Not antique, just vintage…..not quite old enough for the antique definition but firmly within the vintage category. For over 40 years, I have collected and resold antiques. I consider myself an antiques dealer but mostly I sell items of the vintage category.

The US government in 1930 defined “antique” as

an item produced before 1830. 

In the United States, mass production of items began about 1830 so the government felt that handcrafted items should have more value thus items needed to be more than 100 years old to be officially classified as antique.  This definition is widely accepted in the antiques community.

This same antiques community defines vintage as items usually more than 20 years old but less than 100.  By that definition, most of what is found in antiques malls, at estate sales and other resale venues are really just vintage not antique.  That being said, it does not in any way diminish a vintage piece’s collectiblity because eventually those vintage pieces will become antique if we hold onto them long enough.

I’ve always believed you should live with what you love, whatever makes you happy, whatever feeds your soul.  For me it’s antiques and vintage pieces I can collect and sometimes sell.

I am vintage.  I sort of like the sound of that.

This post is a response to Ragtag’s Word Prompt of the Day – Vintage.


  1. I used to ‘collect’ true antiques, drinking glasses and a little silver but now the only ‘antiques’ in the house are a pair of dining chairs (Victorian reproductions of an earlier era), a tall chest of drawers (the handles of which have been replaced with horrible ‘modern’ – maybe 50 years old – items which I’ve never got around to replacing) and an 18th century base of a drop leaf table which now has a modern top. All are in daily use and I’ve always had antiques only for the pleasure of using them (not kept unused in a display cabinet) even when I had 18th century glass and silver.
    There are quite a few vintage items in the house, mostly cameras – and me though I’m rapidly approaching antique but won’t make it. I didn’t realise ‘vintage’ began as little as 20 years old, I don’t think that is the understanding here in the UK.

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    • I live with a very eclectic mix of modern art and antique furniture. I love the craftsman period and tend to be drawn to that type of accent pieces. There is no rhyme or reason to what I live with except I must love each piece. I’ve always believed you should live with what you love and only collect those pieces that bring you joy. My collections have morphed over the past 40+ years but that’s the fun of collecting and being an antiques dealer… get to change things when a more joyful piece happens along.
      Sadly the antiques world is morphing also. Some antique malls insist that the items for sale need be earlier than 1950’s but most malls are very lax and allow reproductions as well as crafted items, repurposed items and plain out and out resale or tag-sale type items. The antique mall I currently rent space allows all of these items and it is for this reason that I am pulling out of that antique mall this month. It’s very disturbing to me that our younger generations are accepting this disturbingly twisted concept of antiques from places such as this.


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