A Little Deviation Can Be Good…..

How appropriate that the word prompt for today is deviate.

To deviate is to turn or wander, often by slight degrees, from what is considered the most direct or desirable approach to a given physical, intellectual, or moral end.

In my earlier days if someone said the word deviate, I was suddenly thrown into the world of statistical mathematics and all the complexities of figuring out norms and deviations for a given group of statistical data.

Today as I sit here and ponder; the word has taken on new meaning for me.  Recently, I deviated from my writing for over 2 weeks.  A gal needs a life, you know?  It’s not like I really went away.  Nooooo, everyone came to me.  You see, the fourth of July in our house involves getting ready for a large group that comes for a parade which marches down the street in front of our house.  Then all these people stay for the afternoon for a picnic.

This year it was too easy to deviate from the goal of getting ready for the parade and the 50+ people that could show up.  Most of the time it’s fun.  Most of the time, I got my game on.  Most of the time I do not deviate from the goal.  Not this time.

This year, my daughter and family decided to deviate from their normal vacation coming to stay for the week of the 4th at our house.  They elongated their stay by coming a week earlier and I loved every minute of them being in our home for two entire weeks.

Now normally this would not be a problem but, the week before that I had a market, the Marley Flea Market.  So in addition to putting away all the market things, I was trying to get ready for my kids to come as well as getting ready for the parade group.  Sadly, I was off my game this year but, no one seemed to notice.

As for the week before the forth, we played:  hit the museums, nature center, Starved Rock State Park for a hike, played games  at an arcade, went swimming several times, had dinner at Athena’s in Chicago’s Greek Town, and visited as many playgrounds as possible.  My grandsons are quite the playground aficionados.  They love visiting new and unusual playgrounds and our park district delivers.  The only problem is we have to visit as many as possible to compare and contrast all the attributes of each park.

So sometimes to deviate from the prescribed plan can be an adventure and a little deviation can be rather enjoyable.  In this case it was quite rewarding because by deviating from the plan of picnic perfection, I enjoyed myself so much more.

This blog post is in response to the daily word prompt.


  1. Wonderful how your grasp of the ‘word prompt for today’ has brought us such a delightful slice of American life. The word you gave me, which inspired me to relate a little of my experience as a teacher, has lit a fire in our writers’ club. I’m sure it will still be burning when I get back after the long summer break.

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