Ribbons and Roses Antiques

This past February my sister and I visited relatives in Mississippi.  While there we did a little antique hunting and found the most amazing hidden gem; Ribbons and Roses Antiques.  Down a back road outside the town of Batesville, Mississippi this shop is jam packed from floor to ceiling with true antiques; case pieces, tables, oriental rugs, chandeliers, glassware, small accent pieces, mirrors, framed pieces, garden accents and more.

Open by appointment or by chance, they located their building behind the house so it is not visible from the street.  Without the sign at the driveway entrance, you’d never know there’s an antique business located here.  Driving up the long drive, it almost looks as if the entire house and garage are the shop but no; you must go through a breezeway between the house and garage to get a glimpse of the shop.  Walk along a path that gently guides you through their beautiful gardens bordering their swimming pool.  On the walk, enjoy checking out the garden ornaments; some could be for sale, just ask.

What a delight when Miss Rita, the owner opens the door for you.  Her welcome is genuinely hospitable and heartfelt from an amazing southern lady.  The entry hall was loaded with outdoor furnishing and garden accents just waiting for a new home.  Walk into the main showroom and try not to drop your jaw.  The amount of large case pieces is staggering.  Armoires, buffets, china cabinets, dressing tables, dining tables and chairs; whatever you dream of in antique case pieces is displayed in room setting filling the entire space accented with pottery and glassware.  Just a rough guesstimate; I’d say about 8,000 to 10,000 square feet of display space filled with all manner of antiques large and small.

Just looking around the room, you get a sense of history.  True antique pieces fill the space, not just vintage old stuff seen so often in antique malls but true antiques; pieces over 100 years old.  And for each piece Miss Rita shared the story: where it came from, who loved it last, what it was originally intended for but also how it could best be used in a modern home.  This antique shop and Miss Rita give the sense of truly finding a secret treasure trove, something from a lost era.

We really felt a huge hug of Southern hospitality.  Miss Rita, the owner welcomed these two Yankee girls like long lost relatives and made us feel so much at home.  After a couple hours of searching for treasures, we made our purchases, all the while chatting and comparing notes; where we sell, how long we’ve been in the business and what we hope to find next.  When leaving we promised to come again and I know we will because now we’re “family”.

If you want to find this charming shop and get a great big dose of southern hospitality from Miss Rita, look for Ribbons and Roses Antiques at 5137 Eureka Road, Batesville, Mississippi.  It’s always best to call first since they are open by chance most days. Their phone is (662) 563-5165.  For directions and more information check their website at www.ribbonsandrosesantiques.com or their Facebook page HERE.

When passing through northern Mississippi, take a little time to visit Ribbons and Roses Antiques off the interstate highway I-55 follow their directions on the website to find them just a few miles after getting off at exit 243-B.  You’ll be glad you did and who knows; you could become a repeat customer.

Go for the antiques, return for the hospitality.20180224_161128


  1. First thank you for the like and follow on my blog. Second thank you for a adding a word to my vocabulary; I can’t remember the last time someone did that. Rambunctious: what a wonderful word; I keep turning it over in my mind like a fine wine on the palate.
    I’m going to follow you, an indulgent trip into my past as I used to collect some antiques – 18th century glasses, furniture and silver when I lived in a 17th/18th century house. No more but I’ll enjoy reading about them on your blog for sure.

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    • Thanks for the follow and kind words. Yes my boys are rambunctious(one of my favorite words too). ….busy, busy, busy little tikes and oh so curious. They’ve got me chasing to just barely keep up most of the time but I’m enjoying them to the fullest.

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      • Another surprise: I haven’t heard small boys referred to as ‘tikes’ since my grandmother and my mother called me and my two younger brothers tikes – in the sense you used it. However, ‘tyke’, usually with a ‘y’, is Yorkshire dialect for a Yorkshireman, hence my user name; it is also a name for the dialect itself. Perhaps you knew that.

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