Tuesday Tirade

It’s Tuesday and I decided to institute a new Tuesday event; sort of like Taco Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, or Sleepy Sundays.  I’m calling it Tirade Tuesday.  This is a day you can bitch, harp and complain about whatever grinds your gears….whatever pisses you off…..whatever you see as a social faux pas that needs highlighting because I see no immediate way of fixing these problems.  No I’m not talking about world peace, an end to nuclear armament or climate control.  I’m talking about people.  Yes, people that inflict themselves on others without any concern for the greater world.  I don’t often get my Irish up but when people are just that insensitive to others it sends me into a negative place that I do not like.

This idea started yesterday as I was sitting in my favorite Starbucks typing, minding my own business, not in anyone’s way.  Just sitting there typing away, getting lots of work done, enjoying my cup of coffee.  When these two “Ugly American” types come in towing in their wake an enormous cloud of putrid cologne, perfume, and hair-care product smells sharing their stench with the entire shop. If the cloud of smells surrounding these two women were visible, it would have been a deep purple – almost black cloud of death.  And if the smell wasn’t enough, they then began infecting the climate of the shop with their inane chatter so loud it completely changed the serene quality of my Starbucks.cloud1

They breezed in, place their orders, plonk their massive purses and rain gear on the table next to mine, loudly complaining all the while about the weather and other people that I along with everyone else in Starbucks is now privy to these poor unfortunately targeted peoples’ entire lives.  They continued sharing with the world the complete sordid details of their supposed friend’s demise and generally gossiping, dishing and tearing down another person not even able to defend themselves and all the while, their cologne cloud permeating the air in and around them, spreading out to envelope the entire shop, causing my eyes to water and sneezing, wheezing and coughing from almost everyone.

These two not only tried to one-up each other’s stories, they tried to one-up each other with their cologne.  They both were of the “If a little is good, a LOT is so much better” school of thought…..both in their personal care as well as their gossip.  I couldn’t take it!  I needed to get away from these two Cretans.  I was beginning to pack up my computer and finish my coffee when one of them realized she was late for an appointment and they left.  Thank God!  I don’t think I could have lasted much longer with the assault on my olfactory system.  Their scents were so strong; the dog fight in the air for sent supremacy was epic but neither woman acknowledged the clashing of smells or gave any indication that their behavior and personal scent was not appreciated.

Do we as a people not sense things like smells?  Are we so desensitized to other’s needs that we get away assaulting another’s senses without concern for them or the environment?  Have we become such a “Me” society that the only thing that matters to us is US?

Inconsiderate, loud overbearing obnoxious people I can deal with.  I just move away from them but how do you move away from someone’s scent?  How can you tell someone their cologne cloud is too much for the entire world?  Sorry to say there is no rainbow at the end of this tirade. But, thank you for reading, I do feel much better getting this off my chest.

What sends you steaming, gets your Irish up or grinds your gears?

Here’s your chance to spout off……Tirade Tuesdays.


  1. Overpowering scent is definitely one of my peeves. I think people get desensitized to their perfume, so they add more and more until even they can smell it, by which time it’s overpowering to the rest of us unfortunates in close proximity to them.

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