It’s That Time Again……

Have you notice?  Did you know? Have you been?  Did you see?  Oh my goodness!  Well????? Answer me!  Don’t you get it? It’s that time of year again!

Time for markets. And one of the best markets in the south suburban area is the Fetching Market.  Started by a former boutique owner who realized she truly loved hosting events at her shop but wanted to reach a larger audience.  So, she hatched the idea for a market that could grow with her audience.  About five years ago with much love and labor, Fetching Market was born.

It is a wonderfully diverse collection of vendors with quality, vintage and handcrafted items for sale.  It’s a market that pops-up in different locations throughout the year in Northwest Indiana and the Southern Suburbs of Chicago.  Hosting it in these various venues allows Fetching Market to reach a more diverse audience and give the audience something new each time.  The word Fetching has multiple meanings that all pertain to this market:


adjective attractive. appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, captivating, enchanting, divine 
“Give this note to the fetching young lady in the vintage blue dress.” 

verb going for. 
getting, calling for, picking up, collecting, bringing, transporting 
“He was fetching that old corbel from the market.”

This weekend’s Fetching Market is at the Ford Hanger at the Lansing Airport, 19400 Burnham Ave in Lansing Illinois.  The Ford Hanger, a vintage building built by Henry Ford in 1927, is a monolith to early aviation.  With its massive construction of large stone blocks, 30+ foot ceiling and huge windows, this venue is perfect for a market; allowing the vendors to sprawl out and display their rather unique styles while all contributing to the festive atmosphere.

Fetching Market offers everything from barn chic to antique pieces, vintage jewelry to artisan jewelry, handmade boutique clothing for young and not so young, hand crafted soaps, stuff, stuff and more stuff.  So many vendors in fact, they have some in tents outside. I love the spring market; its always punctuated by fresh flowers, herbs and plants.

This Saturday they offer some free classes and some with a small charge to get your creative juices flowing so plan accordingly.  Plan to spend a little extra time.  While perusing the booths, enjoy a nice drink and live music, take in the architecture of this historic building and get to know the vendors.  Some of them display at each Fetching Market. Some vendors are boutique owners, some are antiques dealers, and some are artisans creating one-of-a-kind items.  All the vendors at Fetching Market are happy to talk about their products and help you find the perfect item just for you.

If you cannot make it to Fetching Market this weekend, follow them on their Facebook page HERE to get the latest news on their next market. You could also go to their website HERE for more information or to sign up for their email blasts to remind you of the next market.  But you really should go to the Fetching Market, you’ll be glad you did.

We all Need to go to Fetching Market!

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