Ya-Ya Gurlz

As we drove into Warrenton Texas this year, there on the right was the most fantastic VW bus with a true 1960’s vibe; large peace symbol on  the back quarter panel and along the middle of the side, “YaYa Gurlz” emblazoned with flowers, birds and another logo of world peace.  It was hard to miss and oh so fun!


Housed in an old Texas bar building known as the old Third Base Bar (as in the old baseball adage – when you’re rounding third base, you’re almost home); the YaYa Gurlz have made this quirky building their own with furniture items for sale out under the porch overhang, tons of fantastic clothing for sale inside and out, cowboy boots and hats, jewelry, western style clothing and accessories, vintage pieces, collectible pieces, really fun items and so much more.  The porch overhang protects their sale items and welcomes you with a special YaYa Gurlz feel.

Just over a year ago they took over this building to use during the spring and fall Antique Market, as an extension of their business in Abilene, Texas.  They kept the liquor license and still serve drinks and bar food outside the building in the side yard venue called the “Dugout” – the name honors the former baseball theme of the building.  Most nights during the spring and fall Round Top Antique shows they provide free live music to entertain their evening guests.


Last fall, YaYaGurlz held a fund-raiser for the victims of hurricane Harvey one night as part of their normal evening events.  The drinks were flowing, the music made you want to get up and dance, and the costumes were fantastic!  The live auction raised some much needed funds to help the hurricane victims.  We enjoyed it so much.  There is nothing quite like the feel of a few drinks with friends under the Texas stars listening to live music.  It really made our week even more enjoyable.  We’re planning to go Thursday night to hear Black Cat Choir again.YaYa Gurlz

The YaYa Gurlz describe their vibe as “where Janis Joplin meets the west”. Funky and fun, a little outrageous and at the same time a nod to the traditional.  On their website, yayagurlz.com they describe their view of life and the culture of their business:

My mama taught me to take pride in being a woman and to appreciate the imperfections along with the blessings, and we wanted to create a place where a woman could feel good about being EXACTLY who she is! A woman who still might be searching for the mold she came from; she listens to her music too loud, has more fun than she should on nights when she maybe shouldn’t, does her damnedest not to conform, and lives her life to the fullest.

“It’s the imperfections that teach us we can fly.”

Peace & Pistols,

Julie, Summer, And Our Fearless Staff Of The Ya Ya Gurlz   

The feeling when you shop at YaYa Gurlz is similar to a big warm southern hug.  Let that hug greet you with your first step onto the porch; along with all kinds of really cool, funky furniture near the front door and for a nice little treat – self serve free popcorn….How Fun!  Shop the fantastically funky merchandise out on the porch; make sure to see the sale items before going into the shop.

Then go inside for a whole new wardrobe with a Texas vibe.  Walk around the shop several times, you will see something new each time.  Okay now, get to work.  Start at the top with a Texas favorite – a Stetson or another style hat; then roll on the floor laughing at the T-shirts before you find a fun and funky one to suit your personality; top it with a flowing vest or cute jacket; get some jeans that show off your style; accessorize with a purse and some western style jewelry; then finish it off with a fantastic pair of toe-tapping cowboy boots.  You could come out with an entirely new look….one that truly shows off your very own style.

Make your way to the back of the shop for some traditional type vintage pieces for sale. At this spring market, they had a cabinet filled with Aunt Jemima ceramics, a ukulele and horse rugs on a 1960’s era chair, some framed mirrors and prints, large western print purses, Native American style headdresses, faux animal print rugs and so much more in their vintage area.


The staff at YaYa Gurlz told me one of their best selling items is their T-shirts; there are so many with cheeky sayings and really great graphics, it’s hard to choose just one. Plan enough time to read them all and have a good laugh.  Then buy one for everyone you know….you’re sure to find one to fit every personality.


Another item they’re selling like hot cakes is their own, ‘secret family recipe’ Spicy Mustard made by Grandpa Jack Powers.  It’s so tasty! This would be great on a ham sandwich or a hot pretzel. If you’d like to try it first, stop in for a sample before the show ends.



If you’re in the Abilene area, plan to stop by and check out their store, open all year long at 1315 South 1st Street, Abilene Texas.  Or if you’re in the Round Top, Warrenton area for either the spring or fall Antiques Show, stop by when you see the brightly painted VW bus out front on Texas Route 237.  As always, you can check out their website HERE anytime to order their fantastic clothing and giftware.  Or check their Facebook page for daily specials and events.

To think like a YaYa Gurl you need guts, grit, and a good sense of humor and always remember:  “It’s the imperfections that teach us we can fly.”

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