Tattered Hydrangea

In a vintage building across the street from our building in Warrenton Texas is my newest find, Tattered Hydrangea, a shop full of some fun and funky finds.  Just the name begs  you to come in and investigate their gently used, slightly wrinkled, somewhat over-loved items and re-purposing ideas. All set up in an old mercantile type building with a long low porch roof overhanging the entrance.

If you do not collect antiques or vintage, you may not understand but, I just had to go…..I HAD to!  I felt compelled to check out this sweet store.

20180323_135919.jpgWalking up to the entry, it enticed me to walk in further looking at the white wicker and soft white and pastel furnishing all artfully arranged to give the feeling of home….a hand hooked rug on the floor, a wicker rocker with a high back to sit and read that latest novel, a corner cabinet to hold all your pretty collectibles. And to top it off, a delightful banner over the foot of the bed to give you something to think of as you slip off to sleep, hopefully to sweet dreams of antique picking in Round Top Texas.

20180323_135559.jpgAs I rounded a corner, a large case piece caught my eye.  I just had to be nosy and peek inside. It was loaded with chandeliers and sconces each one totally encrusted in crystals.  I’m not in the market for a chandelier but if I was, these might have gone home with me.  The beautiful French style with beads and crystals could work in almost any decor.

A rather unique idea Tattered Hydrangea offers is a make your own banner area with triangle or rectangular flags all with a sewn pocket at the top for stringing.  They provide an assortment of different fabrics with stenciled letters to spell out whatever your heart desires.  Then just string them onto some twine (also available), take it home and hang it up in a place of prominence or use it for your next celebration.

The walls are lined with large and small case piece furniture just longing for a home.  Some are beautifully varnished old wood pieces with rich patina. Some could use some TLC, maybe a paint job or some refinishing but each of these piece are wonderful for displaying other pieces for sale like their small lampshades and dishes.

Overall, the Tattered Hydrangea brought a smile to my face, made me wish for more time to work on more projects and then a larger house to display these beauties.  But, on second thought, it made me stop to consider who else I should share this treasured shopping experience with.

If you’re planning to visit Round Top, make Tattered Hydrangea one of your stops…..right after you come by and see us in the Campbell Building.20180323_135938


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