Antiques Week in Round Top and Warrenton Texas

We got to Warrenton Texas on Tuesday and it was all hands on deck.  The spring Antiques Week in Round Top Texas and the surrounding area has already started in some venues but in our building, the Campbell Building in Warrenton Texas the antiques market begins today, Saturday, March 24.  From the outside this week our building looked as if it’s still sleeping but on the inside it’s a beehive of activity.  Vendors sprucing up their space, revamping floor plans, unloading tote after tote of vintage and antique pieces, coming and going to their trucks, trailers and vans.  Busy, busy, busy!

Why get to the venue so early?  Well, it is a new booth for us and we wanted to make it look and feel like our vibe; different color, different style, different ambiance.  We started by cleaning all the existing case pieces and then the fun really began.  My sister and I had to clean the space, paint the walls the color we chose, move our display pieces into the space, figure out a configuration for those display pieces that would ensure a good traffic flow and decorate the entire space before we could even unload one box of antiques.  With all these items on our punch list, by the end of two very long days, I had no energy left to think about blogging.

So here it is, the beginning of day five, opening day and I’m just now thinking that I’ve been lazy long enough and should let you know what is coming for the next few weeks.

Just like last fall, the Round Top Antiques Week will last over three weeks with some  vendors starting earlier(or later) and ending earlier(or later) than others.  Our building, The Campbell Building will be open Saturday, March 24 through Saturday, April 7 – two full weeks and three weekends.  Vendors in the fields have been set up and selling for over a week already and most plan to continue till April 7 or 8.  So much to see, so much to experience and so much to puzzle over.  There truly is something for everyone at Round Top Texas Antiques week.  Keep watching this blog for posts about all my finds at Round Top.

In the meantime, if you want to attend check with the Round Top Chamber of Commerce website for a full calendar of events and dates for each venue or go to the Round Top Antiques Week Show Daily Magazine Facebook page.  And, if you do come to the show be sure to stop into the Campbell Building in Warrenton Texas and say hello and pick up a free show magazine. Look for the row of bright red Adirondack chairs out in front.  We’d love to see you.

See you around the market.


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